Common Myths about Introverts

There are a few common myths about introverts that many people tend to believe. Many people believe that introverts are shy, rude, they hate parties and don’t like people. However, it’s absolutely not true. Introverts just need some alone time to recharge, while extroverts enjoy being around others and they hate being alone. Introverts like to do self-reflection, analyze different ideas and they prefer solitary activities over social ones, while extroverts prefer social activities and they can express themselves more freely verbally. Check out the list of several popular myths about introverts that will help you understand them better.

1. Introverts are shy

Introversion isn’t the same as being shy. Although some introverts might be a bit shy, most of them are actually not shy. Shy people avoid social activities because of the fear, and introverts prefer the environments that aren’t over-stimulating. Shy people are literally afraid of people and they try to avoid any company and social gathering. Introverts are definitely not afraid of people, they simply enjoy activities they can do alone or even with several others.

2. They’re rude

Unfortunately, many people perceive introverts as standoffish and rude, simply because they’re straight-forward, honest and a bit blunt. Introverts prefer a meaningful conversation rather than a small talk, though they can have a small talk at times. If you invite an introvert to your fantastic party and they turn down your invitation, don’t think that they are rude. They don’t want to hurt your feelings, they might be tired and they really need to relax. Introverts are actually good people who always build meaningful relationships and they rarely intend to hurt someone.

3. They don’t like to talk

Most of us tend to believe that introverts hate to talk. It’s a myth. Yes, introverts spend more time thinking and analyzing things, gathering all the facts, and they don’t like to take decisions in a rush. As I mentioned above, some introverts don’t like small talks, but if you talk about something that interests them, you will not even notice that they are introverts.

4. They don’t know how to relax and have fun

Trust me, introverts do know how to relax and have fun, they just do it in a different way. They don’t like to go out and party the whole night, but they can easily relax at home while watching their favorite movie or reading their favorite book. There is nothing more fun to introverts than a day or evening spent at home doing their favorite activities and enjoying their own company.

5. They hate people

One of the most popular myths about introverts is that they hate people and avoid them at all costs. Yes, introverts usually have fewer friendships, however, their relationships are more meaningful. Sure, extroverts are not superficial, and even though they have more friendships, they lack true friends. If you have an introvert friend, you are very lucky, because introverts cherish true friendship and they are really loyal. You can always count on your introvert friend and they will definitely help you in any difficult situation.

6. They are bad public speakers

Statistics show that many introverts are incredibly talented public speakers and comedians as well. Introverts just need more time to prepare themselves and they practice a lot before speaking confidently in front of a crowd. In fact, every person can become a good public speaker, of course, if they have enough patience and they work hard to improve their public speaking skills.

7. They want to be alone all the time

Just because introverts enjoy alone time does not mean they want always to be alone. Introverts think a lot, daydream and they even like to have some problems to work on, but they can get extremely lonely if they do not have anyone to share their feelings, discoveries and experiences with.

8. They are weird

Introverts never follow the crowd and they are usually individualists who prefer to live their life in their own way. Introverts never take decisions based on what is trendy or popular. They always do what they love, and they don’t compare themselves to others.

Introverts are nice people and we don’t have to believe in all those myths. If you know some introverts or if you are an introvert, I’m sure you will agree with this article. Do you know any other myths about introverts?



Common Myths about Introverts