Signs You’re a Chronic Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist is a challenging thing because you always feel the necessity of keeping everything under control and getting every little thing perfect. If something goes wrong, a perfectionist can feel despondent and even fall into a depression as they realize that they’ve failed. These usually talented people face problematic relationships and certain mood disorders. If you are a high achiever and a chronic perfectionist, then pay attention to the following features indicating the essence of your character.

1. You need to always be ok

If you have a constant need to keep everything under control, then you are a chronic perfectionist. It’s not a secret that such type of people have less friends, because no one likes to be dictated what to do and to be on your string all the time for you to feel satisfied. The best way for you is to take easy for a while. If you are a boss, try to be milder, because such mega pressing may affect the productivity of your employees.

2. Not good enough

Perfectionists usually cannot reach the biggest goal and do not feel lasting satisfaction, because everything is not good enough for them. They always want and need to do things better than they’ve already got and done. A chronic perfectionist will find at least something, even a few details to be improved. “Perfectionism is a self-abuse of the highest order”. This idea is by Anne Wilson Schaef is the best reflection of the situation, so we should try not to abuse ourselves and stop being a true perfectionist.

3. An eager to please from early childhood

According to psychologist’s statistics, perfectionism begins early in the childhood. Usually, parents want their kids to be better than themselves and teach them to get higher results in different spheres of development. As a result, children become chronic perfectionists, instead of living fulfilled and happy life they face the problems of their exigent temper. Perfectionism is very painful, especially for children, because this dual notion makes them fear the consequences of not doing well and need to do better that usually leads to personal inner conflicts.

4. Frequent procrastination

It’s unbelievably, but perfectionism has connections with the tendency to procrastinate everything. According to several investigations, there are maladaptive and adaptive forms of perfectionism. Maladaptive perfectionists usually need to please others and they procrastinate tasks more frequent, but adaptive perfectionists try to avoid postponements and they please themselves first. Be sure, both forms of perfectionism make you miserable and prevent you from being successful and satisfied.

5. You are mega critical

Do you often criticize others? Perfectionists usually get nervous and reject things in others they hate in themselves. They seem to have a critical eye and they always try to teach others, making people feel discriminated by a perfectionist. If you are a perfectionist, try not to be so harsh and mega critical of other people and it will be better for both sides.

6. You do everything yourself

Perfectionists cannot trust their business to other people. You should understand that you are not a superhuman and you cannot do all tasks yourself. Such habit can be quite exhausting for you and may have a great impact on your health and happiness. It is necessary to rid yourself of this destructive habit.

7. You reach your goals by all means

Do you often reach goals stopping at nothing? Perfectionist is a person who will do everything to reach their goal, even if it will hurt them. We should realize that such unhealthy attitude won’t drive us to excellence, because the absence of rules and limits can lead to quite unusual and unknown consequences. If you are a perfectionist, you should know when to stop, otherwise your temper can play a bad game with you and your interrelation with the society.

It’s difficult to be a perfectionist. You are always chased by the desire to be in charge of everything that is theoretically impossible. Remember that this habit is very exhausting and can both make your life more saturated and unfortunate at the same time. Are you a perfectionist?



Signs You’re a Chronic Perfectionist