Common Nouns Beginning with Letter E with Definitions

Common Nouns Beginning with Letter E with Definitions : A noun is defined as a person, location, point, or concept. Nouns are commonly accompanied by articles, like “a,” “an,” as well as “the.” They also work as the topic of a sentence. As an example, “The emerald enjoys to sparkle and also shine.”

Nouns can also operate as the object of a sentence. That implies they’ll come after the verb in the sentence. For example, “Prince Charming roamed the Planet looking for Snow White.” Nouns likewise function as names, consisting of individuals, cities, states, nations, and more.

You won’t be hard-pressed to find some of these E-nouns in your daily life. If it’s the winter season, you may discover a pal with an earache. Who recognizes if that’ll also be the season you spot a lunar eclipse? Maybe more generally, you’ll enter an event right into your organizer today.

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  • Eagerness – a feeling of exhilaration or anticipation to do something
  • Eagle – a bird of prey with effective wings and keen sight
  • Earache – a pain or pain in the ear
  • Earnestness – the quality of being genuine or major
  • Earth – the world that we reside on
  • Easter – a Sunday that commemorates the rebirth of Jesus Christ
  • Ebony – a dark black shade
  • Eccentric – a person who deviates from a well established standard
  • Echo – an audio that repeats after the initial noise has finished
  • Eclipse – an obscuring of light, especially of the sun or moon
  • Economics – a scientific research that deals with the circulation as well as acquiring of products and solutions
  • Euphoria – a sensation of intense happiness, happiness, or enthusiasm
  • Edginess – the state of being anxious
  • Edition – a version of something
  • Education – the procedure of gaining expertise
  • Eeriness – the problem of being mystical or frightening
  • Effect – an outcome or adjustment that is triggered by something else
  • Effectiveness – the capacity to create something with a minimum quantity of effort
  • Effort – the use of physical or psychological power
  • Eggshell – the difficult, weak outer covering of an egg
  • Ego – the sight that a person has of himself
  • Egret – a sort of heron with long, white plumes
  • Egyptian – a native or citizen of Egypt
  • Eiderdown – small, soft feathers from the breast of the female eider
  • Ejector – a jet pump for raising water or taking out air from a room
  • Explanation – the act or process of refining, expanding or boosting something
  • Elation – a sensation of terrific joy or delight
  • Elbow – the joint that flexes between the leading and also lower parts of the arm
  • Elderberry – the bluish-black or red berry of the elder, used for making jelly or wine
  • Elegance – loaded with richness, grace, as well as decorum
  • Embargo – a profession restriction troubled a particular item or from a particular nation
  • Embellishment – elegant information added on to make something appearance better
  • Embrace – a hug
  • Emerald – a transparent, bright-green precious stone
  • Employee – an individual that helps a firm in exchange for compensation
  • Enchantment – a sensation of excellent joy
  • Enclosure – something that maintains individuals or points inside
  • Endgame – the final stage of something
  • Enjoyment – a state of feeling enjoyment
  • Epic – a tale or lengthy poem informing the take of an imaginary or historic hero
  • Episode – a component or scene of a tale
  • Equality – the problem of being the same in quality, measure or value
  • Equipment – what an individual, group, or thing demands for a given objective
  • Era – a period of time in background that’s unified by culture or historical aspects
  • Errand – a job you need to do
  • Escapism – the propensity to escape from truth by enjoying dream
  • Eternity – an unlimited quantity of time
  • Event – something that occurs
  • Explosion – a sudden outburst or blast
  • Eyelash – any of the brief hairs that fringe the side of the eyelid

Sorts of Nouns

Did you recognize there are over 10 various kinds of nouns? That takes the definition of “individual, location, point, or concept” to brand-new elevations. If a noun is referring to a name, it’s more than likely a proper noun (e.g. Obama, Newton, Jack, Gorge, and London). An example of that might be: This summer, I wish to visit Paris.

The reverse of a proper noun is a common noun. These describe general, undefined entities. In the sentence above, Paris is a proper noun. Yet if that line just reviews, “In the brand-new year, I intend to transfer to a new city,” you ‘d understand there was a common noun therein. Common nouns are neither capitalized neither specific.

You’ve additionally got compound nouns (e.g., key-board and also redhead), countable nouns, possessive nouns, and pronouns (e.g., I, me, my own, she, her, he, him, our, and also us). In fact, it prevails to see both nouns and pronouns in a single sentence: “Mary realized Monica offered the envelope to her.”





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Common Nouns Beginning with Letter E with Definitions