Conceive a baby faster

Conceive a baby faster
Conceive a baby faster

It can seem to be a little frustrating for you if your home pregnancy test kit shows no result, despite experiencing some of the early pregnancy symptoms. While nobody knows the right way to make you pregnant, a lot depends on your lifestyle habits and health status. In fact, the entire process of trying for a baby is a trial and error method. However, here are a few tips that could help you conceive soon.

Have sex more often: This is no surprise for you. But know that mindless sex will only lead to more disappointment. So it is important for you to know when to have sex to conceive soon. Ideally you need to have sex during the most fertile days of your menstrual period. Don’t just restrict yourself from having sex in the night after a hard day’s work. This could just make you more stressed which can cloud your chances of conception. If you are keen on conceiving, plan for a short vacation and get intimate with your partner. Try making love a couple of times during the day, as well as the night. This will increase your chances of conception.

Keep track of your fertile days:To know when you need to have sex to conceive a baby it is crucial that you keep a track of your most fertile days. This isn’t an easy job and would call for some attention from your side. In the urban setting, most women tend to have irregular cycles what with all the stress of staying ahead in the competitive world while striving hard to achieve a work-life balance. To check on your most fertile days keep track of your menstrual cycles at least for a couple of months.

Here is how you can do it:

  • In most cases if a woman has irregular cycles it could last for either for 26 days (short cycle) or 32 days (longer cycle).
  • Subtract 18 from the number of days of your shortest cycle. For e.g. if your shortest cycle is 26 it would be 8.
  • Subtract 11 from the number of days of your longest cycle. For e.g. if your longest cycle is 32 it would be 21.
  • Circle the dates on your calendar that fall between the first and second cycle days you calculated. For, e.g., in this case it would be the days from 7 and 22 i.e. 7th day after your periods to the 22nd day of the cycle. Now these are the days when you should try for conception.

Get creative in the bed: Trying different sex positions can help you to spice up your sex-life. However, keep in mind that no matter whatever sex position you try when the man ejaculates, the sperm goes directly into the cervical mucus and the fallopian tube. The point to try a new position is to make your sex life more fun, enjoyable and interactive. This helps to combat performance anxiety in bed when both partners are trying something new. This takes the stress out of the act that could be a probable culprit that interferes with conception.

Shun your vices: Planning a pregnancy while indulging into smoking and drinking along with heavy intake of caffeine can come in the way of conception. This is because nicotine and alcohol affect both male and female fertility adversely. Caffeine doesn’t spare you from the same either.

Try some exercise: If you are planning a pregnancy try losing some weight first if your weighing scale reveals a different story about your health. Obesity can hamper your desires to get pregnant. This is because fat production, especially around the abdomen increases the amount of male sex hormones in the body and decreases ovulation.

Try and avoid stress: Stress among other problems makes conception difficult for you. It not only intervenes with female fertility but also disrupts male fertility. It leads to decreased egg production in women and reduces sperm count in males. Keeping stress at bay should be your primary motive while trying for a baby.

Check your diet: A balanced diet is one which gives you complete nutrition, giving you the adequate amount of proteins, minerals and micronutrients which in turn will help improve your chances of conception. Those who find it difficult to get pregnant can benefit with additional supplementation of micronutrients.

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Conceive a baby faster