Conditions That Could Require Immediate Orthopedic Care

Conditions That Could Require Immediate Orthopedic Care : After an injury, you could stop first at your family doctor before seeing an orthopedic doctor. However, going to a specialist when in chronic pain or severe trauma could save you time and money and lead to immediate medical attention.

Dr. Jaymes Granata is a specialist orthopedic doctor who could help heal different orthopedic injuries. The doctor could address issues that deal with the musculoskeletal system, such as the bones, tendons, joints, muscles, and nerves. He could help you determine the type of treatment suitable for your condition, and here are some signs that you could need his medical attention.

You Cannot Perform Daily Activities

You should easily perform everyday duties, but if you have injuries that make it difficult to complete tasks, you could need orthopedic help. For instance, inflammation on the organs that form the joints could make it difficult to do everyday activities. Older people with bone and joint discomfort could have motion issues that could also be corrected at the orthopedics’ office. People who cannot climb the stairs or walk properly should see the doctor immediately.

The Range of Motion Is Becoming Limited

If the joints are becoming tighter, it could help see an expert who can adequately address issues that arise due to limited motion. The limited movement could be attributed to diseases such as arthritis and joint injuries.

You Have Chronic Pain

Chronic pain happens when you have pain that does not subdue for months. Discomfort for a few days could be bearable, but continuous pain could reduce the quality of life. You could deal with chronic pain when you see an orthopedic expert.

You are Unstable

When you feel shaky performing basic functions such as standing, it could indicate a loss of balance. Lack of balance might occur due to problems with the joints and other musculoskeletal issues. The best solution could be an examination by an orthopedic doctor to avoid making the condition severe.

You Have Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injury could occur due to sprained ankle, twisted knee, and busted wrist. You could use over-the-counter drugs, heat therapy, and massage to ease the swelling first. If the pain and swelling do not subdue after two days, then you could see an orthopedic expert.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The orthopedic doctor could fill the paperwork that indicates your symptoms, medical history, and insurance. They could proceed with both physical and imaging examination that shows the site causing the pain and discomfort. Finally, they could develop a treatment plan that works for the musculoskeletal issues. Most of the procedures at your orthopedic doctor’s office could be non-invasive, injectable medications, physical therapy, and at-home exercises.


Although you might think that seeing your family doctor is the best thing to do when you have an injury, some conditions might need a specialist’s attention. You should seek an orthopedic doctor’s attention immediately if you have limited movement, balance issues, chronic pain, and inability to accomplish everyday activities. When you see a specialist directly it could result in the immediate medical treatment of the orthopedic conditions. Your orthopedic doctor will require your medical history, conduct a proper diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan suitable for your condition.




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Conditions That Could Require Immediate Orthopedic Care

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