Cope with a Rude Comment from a Stranger

It is such an unpleasant feeling to hear rude words from other people, especially if you don’t know them. A few insulting phrases can spoil your whole day. Though, you shouldn’t let anyone offend you. For most people, it can be rather difficult to stay calm in such situations and they usually burst out in rage. But it will only complicate the problem. I know some efficient ways that help me to handle rude comments from strangers. Whenever someone tries to hurt your feelings with insolent words you can use some of the recommendations below.

1. Ignore Them

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest ways to solve the problem if another person says something rude to you. Just don’t pay much attention to them. Their bad behavior is not worth being focused on. Ignoring these people is the best thing you can do. Strangers can’t influence your mood and emotions. You shouldn’t give them any chance.

2. Don’t Give Them Power

Whatever happens, you should control the situation. Those people whom you see for the first time don’t have any right to humiliate you in front of others. They shouldn’t have power over you. Try to show them that you can protect yourself. You don’t have to get angry in order to handle abusive comments from those you don’t know. It would be nice if you ignore them, pretending that their impolite behavior makes no difference for you. You can also make fun of their words or stick up for yourself. Choose the way that is the most appropriate for you. If you don’t take any measures they will certainly lower your self-esteem.

3. Defend Yourself

If it is impossible to avoid communication with strangers who said offensive words to you, don’t be afraid to defend yourself, but make sure you do that in a polite way. I wouldn’t recommend you to be aggressive and lash out at them. Such tactic doesn’t work. Be patient and show your dignity. These rude people should understand that you don’t let them speak with you like that. You can’t be treated with disrespect.

4. You Should Be Polite

Every time when strangers treat you badly, you should stay polite and never say things that may show your negative sides. Otherwise you won’t be better than they are. Try to control your words and manners. It should be mentioned that people who insult you with their words will never be respected by others. Only arrogant and ill-mannered personalities can do this. No matter how furious you are, keep calm and let everybody see you are a mature person.

5. Show Your Class

It is necessary to be confident when you hear rude comments from others. Everybody must see that you have class. Personally I prefer to ignore those people who may hurt me. It’s better for me to move on and don’t think about bad people and bad things. But if I choose to respond the person, I always do that in a tactful manner. First I need to clear up the situation and after I can walk away. When you meet malicious people in your life, you should show your class to them by all means. By doing this you will protect yourself from their harm.

6. Don’t Let Them Hurt You

Certainly, you don’t want to get upset because of someone’s offensive words. That’s why don’t let their comments affect you negatively. Some strangers can tell you extremely insulting things and it’s really hard to stay indifferent. Just bear in mind that these people can’t criticize and judge you. They don’t know you enough for that. So, take it easy and never mind their rude comments.

7. Consider the Reason

Do you know why people use abusive words while talking to you? If I were you I would do my best to find out the main reason of their disrespect to me. Perhaps you won’t feel better after that, but at least you will know what is wrong. Taking into consideration my own experience, I can easily say that every rude comment indicates mean intentions of a stranger. When you know the reasons why people behave badly, you’ll be able to avoid undesirable communication in future.

Despite the fact that strangers’ rude comments may hurt our feelings and depress us, we should try hard not to pay attention to their arrogance and impoliteness. I hope these tips will help you to handle offensive comments from other people with confidence and dignity. Which of these ways do you find the most effective? What do you usually do when someone mistreats you?


Cope with a Rude Comment from a Stranger