Craziest Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for something quirky or unusual about your special day, you might have already looked into numerous themes that will make your wedding stand out. If you have not found a perfect theme yet, don’t worry! Check out some of the craziest wedding ideas!

1. Underwater wedding

Underwater wedding

Recently underwater wedding has gotten more popular, and it’s no wonder why. What can be more unique than exchanging vows and rings under the sea? Like all craziest wedding ideas, this idea does take careful planning. If you want a wedding dress, you will need a special dress. You will also need bridesmaids who will not mind getting wet, and a good photographer who has waterproof equipment!


2. Underground wedding


Do you love the underground? Why not get married in a cave? Located in the Hocking Hills, Ohio, Ash Cave is a perfect cave for weddings, and it’s in the middle of forest. Ash Cave has long been known as a wonderful outdoor area for marriage ceremonies. Plus, you will have wonderful pictures!


3. Wedding on the slopes

Wedding on the slopes

Are you a real skiing fan? How about swapping rings on the slopes? Choose a ski resort which is legally allowed to marry people, make careful planning and you can get married among some fabulous scenery. You might also want to ski to and from your wedding! There are so many beautiful matching ski suits and bridal-inspired ski outfits too! Although it’s crazy wedding idea, it’s so fun!


4. Zero gravity wedding

Zero gravity wedding

This is one of the craziest wedding ideas you will never forget. Exchanging vows and rings on a zero gravity flight will be definitely memorable for everyone on board, and you will capture so many awesome pictures! It’s a perfect idea for adventurous couples! But make sure your photographer and guests have strong stomachs.


5. Hot air balloon wedding

Hot air balloon wedding

Have you ever dreamt about getting married in a hot air balloon? What are you waiting for? There are many hot air balloons including specially designed for weddings, so you won’t have any problems with it! The only problem is a lack of space: many balloons can hold only a couple, an officiant and photographer, and it means that all your guests will have to wait for you on the ground.


6. Wedding in the forest

Wedding in the forest

If you are into the outdoors and you are looking for the best way to make your wedding day even more special, why not tie the knot in the most beautiful forest you could find? A forest themed wedding is fun and unique and I like this idea!

I’m sure these crazy wedding ideas will quickly become normal, because most couples like to choose unusual places to get married. Do you have any crazy wedding idea? Share your ideas with us.


Craziest Wedding Ideas