Create Self-Awareness

Many individuals relate to having a spirit, mind and body even though they do not fully understand or comprehend it. However, most individuals believe that they run through their mind. This causes them to think that their mind can make them happy.

Since the mind/body connection does not lie, none can deny it because the feedback is immediate and very obvious. But the feedback from our emotions generally originating from our heart may not be as obvious or as immediate. It may take us days, weeks, months or even years, to see or feel the repercussions from our negative thoughts and actions. However, be aware that it is just a matter of time until any negativity in our life eventually catches up with us and affects our happiness. There is a perfect accounting system in the universe. We can’t hide or escape from it.

Since the negative emotions on our memory sheet adversely affect our mind’s ability to function and reason, it’s a lot easier to relate to our spirit and what is on your memory sheet. If our memory sheet is very positive, we would agree with the selected words in the form of a daily affirmation. This affirmation will dramatically increase our awareness even if we don’t live this way 100% presently. If our memory sheet is full of negative emotions, we will feel that this daily affirmation is impossible to live by 100% of the time in the so-called “real world.” Whether our memory sheet is full of positive or negative emotions, our spirit will relate 100% to the affirmation. We may print out this daily affirmation and put it in a nice frame where we can see it frequently every day. It is possible that some of us might be already doing many things right in our life or else we wouldn’t have achieved our present level of success and happiness. We have to admit, however, that we all have room for improvement.

Why should we settle for less when we can have more? Why just we be happy or content when we can have a life full of joy and bliss? We may read the Daily Affirmation out loud to ourselves three times and see how we feel and imagine on what the world would be like if everyone lived this way.

Daily Affirmation:

I Am Always Truthful, Positive And Ready to Help Others. I Help Others Without Self Interest.

Can we even begin to imagine what the world would be like if everyone was always truthful, positive and ready to help others and help others without self interest? Would it change the world we live in? It would. It would probably come close to living as in heaven on earth. Is it possible for this to happen? Maybe not in our lifetime, but it can happen over time if everyone focused on living according to the Daily Affirmation. Wouldn’t a better world be a nice gift to leave to our children’s children or their children’s children? Even if only a small percentage of our earth’s population were always truthful, positive and helping others, our world would change for the better because the creativity and power of those that lived the Daily Affirmation would overwhelm and positively influence those that weren’t. The rest of the world’s population would eventually follow out of their own self-interest to become happier and more successful.

The only question left to be answered is, “Are we going to be one of the leaders that help change our world for the better by living the Daily Affirmation 100% of the time, or are we going to continue to live our life according to what is on our memory sheet?” The negative emotions on our memory sheet are limiting our ability to find creative solutions to our world’s challenges. After all, our world’s challenges are merely a reflection of the composite of the memory sheets of all the individuals that make up our global society.

We may imagine the power of one individual like Mahatma Gandhi who was able to defeat the force of the entire British Empire through the principle of nonviolence. Our spirit has enormous power at its disposal if we use it wisely. We can make a difference if we choose to. The Daily Affirmation will help us to realize how.

Now, we may ask ourselves three questions.

  1. Are we always truthful 100% of the time?
  2. Are we always positive 100% of the time?
  3. How much of our time and energy do we spend helping others?

We may pay close attention to our gut feelings or other changes in how our body feels whenever our spirit asks our mind or memory sheet the same questions. Because of the spirit/mind/body connection we will experience chemical changes in our body corresponding to our answers. When we tell the truth, we will feel strong. When we don’t tell the truth, we will feel weak and sheepish.

Here we may stop reading, ask ourselves the following questions and spend some time reflecting on our honest answers to these questions again and if we answered 100% or came close to 100% to all three of these questions, we know exactly to ascertain that we are undoubtedly a very successful and happy person. If not, we may have to work more to do that which will increase our happiness.

I’m not there 100% yet, but I’m working on getting closer every day. If you desire to become happier and have an impact on changing your life and the world that we all live in, I invite you to make living the Daily Affirmation a major part of your life.

By the way, in reference to the above questions, who is doing the asking and who is doing the answering? Is it your mind talking to itself, or is it your spirit talking to your mind? Are you two different people in one? The purpose of this Daily Affirmation is not to create angels. Its purpose is to create self-awareness by having your spirit guide your thoughts and actions throughout your life instead of having your past memory sheet continue to run your life for you.

Start saying this Daily Affirmation out loud to yourself several times, or more, throughout the day for the next thirty days and watch your self-awareness increase as your spirit witnesses what is on your memory sheet. Hopefully, you will use the Daily Affirmation as your compass for the rest of your life.

Here is how the Daily Affirmation will increase your self-awareness and lead you to better choices that will increase your happiness. Your memory sheet automatically has you repeat or make similar responses to what you have previously done. If you have lied in your past, your memory sheet is programmed to have you lie again in the future unless you make a firm commitment to change your memory sheet’s programming.

I admit that I have lied in my past. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you have lied at least once in your life or maybe more often. By repeatedly telling your memory sheet that “I am always truthful” you create an internal conflict between your spirit and memory sheet when faced with a choice of lying in the present or telling the truth.

You will experience this conflict as a chemical change in your body. You know what guilt feelings feel like, don’t you? The Daily Affirmation will make you very sensitive to them and help you to do the right thing, in spite of what your memory sheet wants you to do. It will make it harder for you to rationalize why it’s OK to lie, especially when you see others around you that are not always truthful.

Your spirit will want to tell the truth and your memory sheet will want to do its job. Your memory sheet wants you to repeat what you have done in the past. This gives your spirit a great opportunity to take a hard look at why you have lied in the past. It forces you to start realizing that you are your spirit and not your mind. You have a choice and do not have to automatically repeat what is on your memory sheet even though your memory sheet is programmed to have you repeat the past thoughts and actions.

If you examine your motives for lying, you will find them based on the emotions of hate, greed, jealousy, fear or multiple combinations of these negative emotions. By eliminating lies from your life, you keep negative emotions from recurring on your memory sheet. This enhances your brain’s chemical balance and increases your awareness, sensitivity and intelligence.

Whatever level of truthfulness you have achieved in your lifetime, try raising your standards until you are 100% honest. I can honestly say that I am 100% truthful, most of the time. As hard as I try to be 100% truthful, there are times when a reflex lie from my past memory sheet slips by or tries to. If I catch myself in a lie by feeling it in my body, I quickly take a look at why I lied, or why I am about to lie. Upon reviewing my memory sheet I find that some hate, greed, jealousy or fear is causing it. Then, I make the necessary adjustments in my life and tell my memory sheet to do my best never to lie again.

Most of the time I’m successful in not allowing a reflex lie to slip by. You’ll find this true for yourself if you start living the Daily Affirmation without exceptions. You have the right of privacy and silence. If someone asks you a question and you want to reserve your privacy, you do not have to answer them. Become a diplomat and answer with another question or tell them that you prefer not to answer their question. Also, it is better not to upset or disturb another person’s feelings or chemistry. You do not have to tell white lies to protect them. Instead, be kind and diplomatic in your response.

Sometimes the truth, as harsh as it may be, is totally appropriate depending on the situation. Just make sure you intend to help the person, instead of venting any negativity on them. Once your awareness and sensitivity to the chemical reactions in your body increase, you will realize the person you lie to the most is yourself.

Every time you tell yourself that you are going to do something and do not do it or visa versa, you have lied to yourself and your memory sheet. Is it any wonder your memory sheet just laughs at you when you say you are going to change your negative habits or emotions? Your memory sheet knows all of your strengths and weakness. It does its best to keep you where you are. It takes self-discipline and direction to become the master of your memory sheet and in control of your happiness.

Two of the most important things that I have learned over the years are the power of self-discipline and the importance of making correct choices. Napoleon Hill writes, “Our Creator gave us all a free will to make our own choices. You are where you are and what you are because of your habits of thought. Your thought habits are subject to your control. Self-discipline is the principle by which you may voluntarily shape the patterns of thought to harmonize with your desires and goals. It is the one privilege which determines more than all others the position in life you occupy. Ponder this thought carefully for it is the key to your mental, physical and spiritual destiny. Put your thought habits in order and they will carry you to the attainment of any desired goal you aspire to reach. You must feed your mind with your definite major purpose in life and go the extra mile to control all of your thoughts.”

If you desire to be happier and more successful, your thought selection gives you the ability to shape and mold your life into whatever you desire. Only your memory sheet and wrong choices can hold you back. With desire, self-discipline and the specific direction the Daily Affirmation provides, you can become the master of your memory sheet and destiny. More importantly, you can become very happy and live a fulfilled life.

Your memory sheet is going to continue doing whatever it is used to until it realizes that you mean what you say. If your memory sheet controls you in a certain part of your life, acknowledge your weakness.

By daily affirming that “I am always truthful, positive your spirit will become very aware whenever you are or have been negative. This helps you to stop rationalizing and justifying the negative emotions that you have associated with certain facts on your memory sheet.

Negative emotions poison your thinking and are the cause of much unhappiness. It is a lot easier to become always truthful than to become always positive. However, you will be much happier if you make it a point to do your best to be always truthful and always positive. Your thoughts from outside stimuli have two components: facts and emotions. Realize that facts are merely facts. You may not be able to control the facts, fair or unfair, but you can change or transform any negative emotional response you may have to them.

By daily affirming “I am always truthful, positive and helping others“, you remind your spirit that by helping others you are helping yourself. By merely shifting your focus from yourself to helping others, you will find that you automatically feel better and happier. Your spirit is elevated when you help others.

If you are already very positive and in a position of comfort, lend a helping hand to those who are in need. One of life’s greatest pleasures comes from helping others. If you do not believe this, ask any parent, teacher or individual who spends his or her life helping others. What do you think Mother Teresa would have replied if you asked her, “Does it make you happy when you help others?” If you really want to help someone, tell them to go through these lines again and again and strongly recommend that they make the daily affirmation a major part of their life. Better yet, be an example for them to follow by living the daily affirmation 100% of the time.

This daily affirmation is a wonderful compass that can help guide your spirit through the maze of life, if you use it. If you truly desire to be happy and have fun helping to change your life and the world around you, reflect on this affirmation at least three times a day, every day and observe how your gut or body feels. When necessary, make the appropriate adjustments on your memory sheet in order not to repeat any deviations from the daily affirmation.

Be Happy – Create Self Awareness.