Cure Cancer Through Ayurveda

No doubt, chemical based therapies are being practiced to provide quick relief against pains but they are not found to be curing through the roots of the diseases. For that purpose, nature based therapy is recognized best amongst all. Ayurveda is nature based therapy on which I had made some submissions here in my post dated June 3, 2009. About a year back, one of my close friends got brain tumor. Some doctors advised for immediate surgery and some others advised us to have medicinal treatment. Different therapies were applied for its cure. The following are some of the notes made during those traumatic days.
In general discussions with the leading doctors in India about the treatment of cancer, we were assured that by killing the cell we can cure cancer. It is the theory of modern science which suggests for surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is observed that when surgery takes place or biopsies are taken, the multiplication of cancer cells increased a lot. Radiotherapy means X-rays and cobalt rays are generally used to burn the residual part of cancer after surgery. Due to the effect of radiation the immunity of surrounding healthy cells decreases. So, they are prone to cancer. That is why the possibility of metastasis and recurrence increases. However, specialised toxic medicines used in chemotherapy stop all the cell division either they are normal or cancerous.

We were told that that chemotherapy and radiotherapy may have the following side effects:

• Vomiting, nausea
• Dehydration
• Mouth ulcer with pain
• Gastric ulcer
• Loss of appetite
• Loss of body hairs
• Skin infection
• Severe weakness
• Irregular menses
• Severely low immunity
• Anemia
• Renal toxicity

Some well wisher advised us to go for ayurveda. Under ayurveda, the theory of killing the cell is changed to ‘Rejuvenate the cell’. This theory works at DNA level. It means that cancerous cell will rejuvenate into normal healthy cell. For this, first of all we have to understand why cancer occurs?

According to evolution theory, when ecological factor of any living being is changed to the extent that the living being can not survive any more, then they develop a tendency to change the form. Similar situation takes place in the part of body which is ill since long time. That part does not follow the instruction of the brain. To save the identity of the part uncontrolled, multiplication of the cells starts and develops into cancer.

Yuktivyapashrya suggests Panchkarma. It has five steps – oilation and fomentation in the preparatory phases followed by Vaman, Virechan, Vasti Nasya and Raktmokshan to eliminate the possibility of recurrence of the disease. Vata, pitta and kapha are balanced by Panchkarma therapy. In spite of this, cancer is a critical disease which can not be cured just with the herbs. That needs ras-rasayan comprising of metals like gold, silver, copper, zinc, bronze, iron etc. Gems like diamond, ruby, pearl etc. are also being used in form of ashes for medicines. Purification of mercury is very important because it is considered to be very lethal in the natural form. When it is purified by applying all the stages of treatment with herbal medication, it is like nector.

There are a lot of doubts related to ashes in modern sciences. With the application of nano technology in the research, it has been found that there is no toxicity or harmful effect left after the application of ashes. However, it is very much essential that we follow the treatment process step by step as described in ancient ayurvedic texts to control the multiplication of the cells within 1 to 3 months.

According to ayurveda, the uncontrolled multiplication of cells certainly stops within 1 to 3 months depending upon the size of the tumour. If it is narcotic, some surgical intervention can be recommended but chemotherapy and radiation is not required.

The cancerous tumour is dissolved totally by means of Ras-Rasayan Medicines and Punch Karma. In the process of liquification, the well defined tumour gets dissolved into an irregular mass which can be viewed by means of CT scan/MRI/Ultrasound. Sometime, there can be an increase of the size in the reports due to irregular shape. That shape is not removed through surgical operation but slowly absorbed through the medicines by the veins and lymphatic expelled out of the body within 3 to 4 months.

If the condition of the tumour has deteriorated to the extent of formation of pus cells or necrosis and multiple wounds even then the liquification process results favourably and the tumour gets dissolved. In that circumstances, we need to take care of the wounds and effects of the dissolution on the affected part. If wounds are inside the body, we may have modern surgical methods to adopt and if they have come out on body, we can follow the ayurvedic treatment.

Since the ayurveda treatment suited to our patient, we had decided to carry on and today, he is well.

Be Happy – We Can Consider To Adopt Ayurveda To Cure Cancer.