Don’t Keep Any Jealousy With Your Boss.

On 1st May, 2009, I had made certain submissions to keep your boss happy. My experience with a number of organizations thereafter teaches me further in this direction. Again, I may put up a few lines as to why we should not have any jealousy with our bosses.

Boss is your guide in your office. He/she is a captain of the team of which you are a member and your duty is to follow his/her instructions until you become your own boss and form another team with the persons to follow your instructions.

Your Boss is the person who shoulders the responsibility of taking ahead the organization or the team of which you are a member. He/she has to do his/her best to groom up you to help him/her to achieve the objectives of the organization/team. With the success he/she is getting in his/her aims with your efforts, he/she would take you to have promotions on your level. He/she can not defy your claims any longer.

For you, your boss is the organization itself as you are there on his/her pleasure. His/her words would prevail over yours since he/she is your senior. That is why you should not afford to have any jealousy with him/her.

For many people, life in the organization/team they work, their life starts with their boss and ends with their boss only. This way, they dedicate themselves to the organization and the leader. In return, they get results soon and become themselves boss for the juniors joining later.

Many times, it has been seen that a sincere boss likes to take up talent immediately and try to retain the talented person as longer as possible. But everyone who is talented does not happen to be lucky enough. Sometime, the boss becomes jealous of your talent fearing that you may exceed your limit and take over his seat one day by influencing his seniors with your work and devotion. At that point of time, you may have to make a balance.

Boss jealousy is not uncommon. You may feel secured if you feel that your subordinates are not so talented that your seniors may start to take direct reporting from them. If they are talented more than you, you will have to restore your confidence first so that you are able to control their activities so as not to be harmful to you in due course of time. Otherwise your insecurity may manifest as your jealousy with your juniors. It can apply to you also when you are junior to some one. As solution to this problem, you may try to groom up your juniors to such extent that they may not be able to take over you. Some formula should remain secret with you like a Guru.

Your insecurity can become intense when one member of the group is promoted and becomes the boss of the same team. Normally, in good organizations this practise has been given up. Whenever a member of a team is promoted, he is transferred to some other location to form his team anew to avoid the jealousy inter se. As boss, he/she may like to achieve the targets and for that he/she would like to screw up the team of which he/she was a part.

Whatever be the reason, there is a good chance that over your career, you may come across such bosses who have been promoted within your team. If it happens, you may have to neutralise the thinly hostile behaviour by such boss who had just been promoted within your team. Since he/she is your boss now, you should instead turn your jealousy into your admiration to enable them to feel secure and may not become hindrance in your promotions. They must be made to believe that in spite of there being an opportunity to uproot them, you won’t do it otherwise being seniors, they may harm you in advance. There are various ways to admire them, instead of expressing your jealousy.

You may consult your new boss in your every step. He/she will feel a little bit more confident. If you are not convinced with his/her advice, you may try to convince him/her to bring to your point. You may acknowledge his/her area of expertise and insights. In the beginning, it may be difficult for you but you must do it. Since you had been working in same environment, your approach is ratified by him/her and your presentation may become better for the reason that you have nipped the likely opposition in the beginning itself.

You may support your new boss openly also. Your public conduct will help him/her to remove his/her doubts and work more constructively with you. The management may also take a note of this and admire you to see your team spirit. Your new boss may become your great ally in due course of time if you do not afford to have any jealousy with him/her.

Be Happy – Don’t Afford Any Jealousy With Your Boss