Dealing with a Cheating Partner

Many of us think that we don’t need to know the tips for dealing with a cheating partner. But unfortunately, some of us have to deal with a cheating boyfriend or husband. If it happens to you, what should you do? Well, it’s rather a difficult issue. Many of women leave, while others give the relationship another try. And there are even some women who just ignore cheating, but you shouldn’t do that! Here are a few tips for dealing with a cheating partner.

Tips for Dealing with a Cheating Partner

1. It’s not your fault!

Perhaps, this is the most important tip for dealing with a cheating partner! Don’t take the blame for being cheated on! Your partner might say that it’s your fault and that you don’t give him what he needs! But you didn’t push him into someone else’s bed, right?! So don’t let him avoid responsibility for what he has done.

2. Is he sorry for cheating?

It’s easy for him to say that he is very sorry for cheating, but does he mean it? If he is genuinely contrite, you might want to forgive him and give your relationship another try. Sure, once the trust has been broken, it’s really hard to believe anything the cheating person says, but keep in mind that only you can decide whether continue the relationship or not!

3. Set the rules

If you think that you can trust him in spite of what he has done, you should set the rules. For instance, he agrees to end any relationship with the other woman and he will not keep his phone secret. Ask him to follow your rules and if he agrees, this will show a commitment on his part to rebuild your relationship.

4. Think twice before giving a second chance

Before you give your partner a second chance, you need to ask yourself this question: Is this the first time your partner has cheated on you? If you decide to give your partner a second chance, make it clear that he only has one more chance.

5. Take time

If you give your partner a second chance, keep in mind that it will take a really long time to rebuild your relationship. Even if he truly regrets what he did, you can’t just forget everything and act like nothing happened. Both you and your partner need to be prepared for rebuilding your relationship.

6. What can you forgive?

Everybody has a different concept of what they can actually forgive. For example, I would never ever be in a relationship with a man that has cheated and broken my trust. And I know lots of people who can forgive a kiss, but not sex. In fact, you might not know what you could cope with until it actually happens.

7. Move on

If you can’t forgive your partner, end the relationship and move on. I know it’s easier said than done, especially if you have invested a lot of emotional energy and time in your partner, but it must be done. Stop thinking about him and move on!

Being cheated on can leave you with a tough decision to make. If you decide to give your relationship another try, that is your decision, but don’t stay in a relationship because of the fear of being alone or low self-esteem. If your partner cheated on you would you go or would you stay?


Dealing with a Cheating Partner