Dermapen Treatment: a Simple Way to Achieve the Beauty You’re Looking For

Dermapen Treatment: a Simple Way to Achieve the Beauty You’re Looking For : Stretch marks, sun damage, severe acne scarring and even tattoos that went wrong – a dermapen microneedling treatment can fix it all. Care to know more, don’t you?

The Microneedling Devices

To deal with different and annoying skin conditions people use expensive chemicals, lasers or even surgery. That sort of action can help in many cases, but in most of them you can get better results with a pen. That’s right – a pen. A dermapen microneedling pen is a device designed to use your body’s innate ability as a way of fixing skin issues and improving general complexion quality. The Dr Pen USA Auto Microneedle System uses fine needles to make small holes in the treated area. These micro injuries encourage skin cells to work and therefore regenerate certain regions of your skin. The pen also has an adjustable depth feature, which is required when dealing with really nasty acne scars, for example. The needles themselves are set in a replaceable cartridge. That provides a money-saving convenience: the single micro needling device can be used many times by many people with different skin types.

Is micro needling safe?

Absolutely. You can do everything by yourself at home. Although pinpoint bleeding and some pain can occur, it’s nothing a bit of water and a regular numbing cream can’t handle. It is advisable, however, to always consult a dermatologist. The expert can advise about the number of microneedling sessions that are required, and decide about the depth of punctuation. Reducing stretch marks doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go hardcore on them, right? Just ask your local specialist and all should be fine, and even great.

Enlarged pores and new collagen production

The control of dermapen treatments is important because people who don’t follow professional recommendations tend to overdo it all. As a result, too much of new collagen can be produced by your skin cells and that might negatively influence your appearance.

But if you do everything according to plan… well, sometimes even hair loss can be reversed with the Dr Pen UK microneedling machine. It’s not a rule, though. Having too many expectations is never healthy when home “do it yourself” methods are in question. But data gathered from customers and dermatologists’ offices say that dermapen microneedling results surprised a lot of people with their quality and efficiency. That’s why professionals often recommend such devices to their patients.

Which Derma Pen is the best for microneedling? 

The choice of derma pens is huge, but I prefer to choose products from known brands used by other estheticians. Lots of my friends recommend Dr Pen. There are two types of doctor pens – wireless and non-wireless. No matter which one you choose, each derma pen needs cartridges. The cartridge system is safer to use since each cartridge should be changed after every use (you use it for one treatment). Dr Pen Microneedling Pen Ultima M8 is a wireless pen with 6-speed levels while Microneedling Pen Ultima A7 has only 5-speed levels. Both pens work on needle lengths 0,25-2,5 mm.




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Dermapen Treatment: a Simple Way to Achieve the Beauty You’re Looking For

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