Develop Your Communication Skills (Part 2)

We can exchange our views through any mode of communication – by personally meeting or through phone, mobile, fax, email etc. In personally meeting your presentation of yourself matters a lot as while communicating or exchanging the views, you can have face reading and restyle your speaking accordingly to suit the circumstances. Yesterday, we had discussed the same factor.

But where you are not present in person, your words and delivery mode thereof work a lot. If you are delivering them with a lot of patience, you may too have an opportunity to continue the delivery otherwise the listener may switch off. It means that you need to give an opportunity to the listener also to present his matter simultaneously.

In your presentation, you must be brief but explicit in conveying your matter with intention to explore out the reaction. You must adopt only those words which can be easily understood by the listener. Under etiquette, you should use the same language which the listener can understand. Now, people use the words of different languages side by side, you may do the same – there is no harm to do so as with your mixing of the words as the listener is doing, he may not feel you as stranger.

Whether you are exchanging the views in person or through some other mode, conversation, dialogue and careful negotiation have its own pleasure. Agreements and disagreements, being conveyed with smoothness, knowing that it may shake up the aims of meeting, perform the role of enriching us with various factors. When we use the language gracefully in interacting with others and listen to them with patience, our acts bridge good contacts amongst enemies too. Sometime, we feel the desire to talk to someone even during a short journey period, somewhere we are waiting for something together or maybe he is our new neighbor just because he is speaking sweetly. Any twist can make the relationship bad and worse. It is the miracle of the communication skills he might be adopting knowingly or unknowingly but that may impress or affect you much.

We have for some time been observing that our bilateral communications are under the pressure of restlessness perhaps due to short of time available at our disposal. It is resulting into our increasing intolerance which we never thought of seriously. Why? Our socio-economic and cultural contexts are being changed due to our liberal thinking mode. For some reasons it is better as now we do not attach much importance to the marital relationship within our own castes/communities but when it becomes money-oriented, it does not end happily. Some decades ago, the life styles of leaders in political life, stars in sports, films and other celebrities were copied by the general mass but now, they are loosing their sheen because of their own behavior. They may take it as their personal life but they forget that their fans share their attitude with them as any bad action on their parts affects the million lives as well.

While communicating, we usually do not care about the grammatical rules of that particular language we are using and the meaning of our statements get lost or disturbed towards wrong interpretations. Now the media is strong enough to highlight it but with a temporary effect, this fashion of wrong spellings, wrong grammar, wrong pronunciation continues to leave behind worse results. We must care for these flaws timely.

While communicating, we are reducing the use of words, instead we have started to use signs. If we continue this practice the next generations may start to use pictorial signs to communicate with each other. But this process is never found competent enough to express our emotions perfectly. Earlier, man was doing so, when he found incompleteness, he invented language. But again, we are turning back to primitive stage. We will have to care for it at the earliest.

While communicating, we are not alert enough to ensure that some where we are lacking etiquette also and use abusive words unknowingly. Why do we do so? It is irony that we hear it frequently and do not oppose it until we are particularly targeted at. If we do not tolerate it initially, the other one will not be able to utter in our presence. For reciprocation, we should also observe etiquette in our deliveries too.

While communicating, we are now-a-days not attaching much importance to our addressing also. Whether our listener is senior to us or not, we just add Mr. or Miss before their names and start to address, it is not good. In the past, we tried to build up some relationship and make the addressing accordingly to show our affection there. We can resume that practice.

Our words have voice, our words have meanings and our words have musical tones also. If we mix up all these qualities in a beautiful equation, we would find that our deliveries may get many fold results. Just we need practice to do so. We must improve our communication skills.

On this subject, we may discuss a little more, tomorrow also. In the mean while, we must continue to develop our communication skills further.

Be Happy – Develop Your Communication Skills.