Difference between CBD, Delta8, and THC-O

Difference between CBD, Delta8, and THC-O : With the many CBD, Delta8, and THC-O brands being introduced into the market some may ask what is the difference between them and what are the benefits that they hold. The big difference between them is the amount of THC in each product.

With CBD you have very little to no THC found in it, but all the benefits that come from hemp like anxiety relief, pain relief and many more benefits without the high you would get from THC. CBD can also help benefit women specifically by alleviating symptoms of menopause as well as side effects from PMS. CBD helps with some menopause symptoms like stabilizing mood swings, reduces inflammation, helps with insomnia, and joint pains. CBD can also help those who menstruate by alleviating symptoms like pain from cramps, headaches as well as inflammation and insomnia. Now, with Delta8 and THC-O you get all the benefits you would from CBD, but you also get the high that comes from THC.

Now what is the difference between Delta8 and THC-O? The biggest difference is that THC-O is three times more potent than Delta8 and is similar to products you could get out in California. While THC-O is stronger than Delta8 it does take longer to kick in around 90 minutes so if you are looking for a more instantaneous effect CBD or Delta8 would be the better choice.

Now you may ask what company sets itself apart from the many out there in this market. One company that sets itself apart from the others is a company called Vance Global from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

What sets Vance Global apart from the many up and coming CBD and Delta8 companies? Well, they are a niche hemp company focused on creating ethically made and quality-driven CBD and Delta8 THC products. They sell two blends of the most potent CBD cigarettes, Delta8 cigarettes, as well as vegan Delta8 gummies. Also, they have just released new THC-O gummies and cigarettes. Smoking a Vance offers cigarette users the feel of a cigarette to satisfy the oral fixation or social ritual of smoking, without the harmful effects of nicotine and tobacco, but instead delivering all the benefits of CBD or Delta8. Their products set themselves apart from the others on the market because they are made with the environment in mind, locally sourced and made, and quality-driven.

Each Vance is made and packaged in Milwaukee and all products are made with 100% organic, pesticide-free, Wisconsin hemp that is hand-rolled into hemp paper and topped with a biodegradable wood-fiber filter. Their packaging is not only recyclable, but they encourage consumers to reuse it. With quality in mind, they never use any additives, fillers, or biomass.

If you are looking to try some of the products that Vance Global has to offer we have linked them in this article. For those just starting out their All Natural Blend is a great option for those wanting to try one of their CBD products. It is made with organic hemp as well as organic lavender. The All Natural Blend offers all of the CBD benefits that have been listed previously in the article along with the benefits from lavender like boosting skin healing as well as promoting healthy hair. If you are looking to try Delta8 and would prefer not to smoke, their Delta8 gummies are a great option.





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Difference between CBD, Delta8, and THC-O

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