Benefits of CBD for Women’s Health

Benefits of CBD for Women’s Health : There has been a long-standing bias against the study of sex differences and to females in general, in scientific research. This includes the use of cannabis medicines to address conditions faced by women. As of 2017, pre-clinical research has accelerated in the use of CBD and women’s health. So today, we will discuss about CBD and women’s health.

Within the brain cannabinoid receptors are different in males versus females. The hormone estradiol is a major female sex hormone, and it appears that estradiol actually decreases CBD receptors. You can think of a receptor sort of like a door with a lock on it. Once the key is inserted it’s able to open the door. So for example, the uterus has tons of different receptors on it. Different proteins and hormones can bind to those receptors, which will then carry out different physiological processes.

In female rats estradiol has been shown to interact with CBD. These specific parts of the brain that CBD interacts with are involved in a variety of different behaviors. This includes fear, anxiety, attention, reward and even motor activity.

So you can see the potential benefit that CBD may have in helping treat certain conditions faced by women. You can buy various products containing CBD from online CBD store according your need and application.

CBD and the female reproductive system

It has been found that receptors and endocannabinoids are found throughout the entire female reproductive system. So CBD can potentially play a role in fertility and even the processes of early pregnancy. In ancient times cannabis has been used to treat PMS, dysmenorrhea – which is painful menstruation, premenstrual dysphoric disorder – which is basically extreme PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding, menopausal symptoms and even migraines associated with menstruation.

To help manage discomfort associated with these symptoms, doses between 2.5 and 5 milligrams of CBD have typically been used. Depending on how you respond will dictate how to dose yourself. You could take it consistently throughout that time of the month or you could take it before or after symptoms occur.

Endocannabinoids appear to inhibit migration of endometrial tissue in endometriosis. Endometriosis is a medical condition in which tissue of the uterus is located outside of the uterus. This can unfortunately cause a lot of pain and discomfort and can even cause fertility problems, GI problems and even urinary issues. As a result, endocannabinoids can potentially treat endometriosis related pain. Typically doses of CBD between 5 milligrams and 20 milligrams can be used.

Mental Health

In pre-clinical research, it has been shown that women are less vulnerable to certain stress disorders. However, they are more prone to depressive disorders. Research has found that endocannabinoid levels can vary in the blood in conditions such as depression. The female sex hormone estradiol actually helps regulate parts of the brain that help maintain certain levels of endocannabinoids. As a result, this could potentially help treat disorders such as depression.

Eating disorders

Endo cannabinoids may play a role in regulating certain behaviors, such as reward and reinforcement. These are specific features to certain eating disorders, such as anorexia, binge eating disorder and bulimia. Mechanisms of eating disorders are extremely complex. Endocannabinoids may play a role in the processes regulated by hormones that control satiety. Satiety is basically that sense of satisfaction after eating something. The hormone leptin is a fat hormone, and it’s involved in regulating the body’s body weight and energy balance. So this is just one possible connection that CBD could play a role in helping manage eating disorders.

Topical applications for CBD

Skin problems: CBD creams and lotions are very potent, anti-inflammatory agents and can be used to help maintain healthy skin. They have significant promise in helping reduce signs of skin aging. CBD has been shown to help in a variety of skin conditions. This includes acne, dermatitis, eczema, excessive hair growth and even in some pre-cancerous lesions. So you’d want to add cbd to your normal morning or night routine. For skin inflammation, you could try just a small area and see how you respond and then you can base your dosing based on that.

Sexual Pleasure: In some women surveys, there’s a large amount of data supporting that cannabis has a positive influence on female sexual function and receptivity. Lower doses increased desire and perceived pleasure, while higher doses decrease them. The other emerging new trend in cannabis products is the popularity of new cannabis topical formulations, designed for vaginal application. Many women have reported these products to be effective and enjoyable, for enhancing and improving sexual pleasure, especially after menopause. Now this is actually pretty cool.

Breast Cancer: There is pre-clinical research underway looking at the role in CBD and possible future treatments for specific breast cancers and we definitely have to keep an eye out for that.


CBD can have potential benefits specifically in women’s health. This includes reproduction, fertility, menstrual disorders, mental health issues, eating disorders, skin aging issues and even sexual pleasure enhancement. There are a lot of things that we can do to keep ourselves healthy and using natural products is a great idea.







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Benefits of CBD for Women’s Health

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