The Shilajit Effect – Level Up with These 5 Benefits

The Shilajit Effect - Level Up with These 5 Benefits
The Shilajit Effect - Level Up with These 5 Benefits

The Shilajit Effect – Level Up with These 5 Benefits : Shilajit resin (commonly known as “stone oil”) is a sticky substance that comes from rocks found deep within the Himalayan mountains. It’s one of the more unique substances incorporated into Ayurvedic medicine.

Practitioners and other health-conscious individuals add this to their diet as a form of a supplement. Studies suggest it supports healthy aging, tissue regeneration, increased metabolism, and a boost in immune function. So what is “the Shilajit Effect”? How can this ancient substance transform your life for the better? Visit Vitadote for more information.

But What Exactly Is This Weird Substance? Is Shilajit Safe Or Is This One Of Those Internet Scams?

When considering a new supplement, we often need to be extra cautious and not trust everything the Internet has to say. After all, the Internet has given us so many reasons to be wary. Luckily, Shilajit is all natural and considered healthy provided that it’s used in moderation.

Over the course of time, Mother Nature has given us resources to help keep us healthy and strong. Shilajit is just one of the many blessings provided to keep our bodies healthy.

Benefits of the Shilajit Effect

  1. Shilajit Keeps Us Looking Young!

    We see it in commercials, movies, social media, etc. We, humans, HATE AGING—we all dream of aging gracefully. Even with proper diet, exercise, and an intense skincare routine, aging still manages to bite us from behind. Luckily for us, Shilajit, as studies suggest, could help us achieve our dream of aging gracefully.

    Various forms of Shilajit are available in the market today. These usually come in the form of a resin while others could come in the form of a shilajit cream. This substance may help in protecting you against different factors that usually cause aging as studies suggest because shilajit contains a favorable amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory commonly known as fulvic acid.

  2. Forget Alzheimer’s

    Although there are drugs and treatments available to help alleviate the symptoms that come with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), researchers believe that shilajit can further increase the effects of these treatments by two-fold.

    Based on the study conducted by the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, it suggests that certain properties found in Shilajit have the potential to control the function of cells that normally cause cognitive disorders. In order to fully verify this statement, further research is required.

  3. Get Your Blood Circulating!

    A significant number of the population experience a blood disorder is commonly known as anemia. This particular disorder happens when there’s a significant loss of circulating red blood cells in the body. The following symptoms can occasionally be observed on people who are experiencing this type of deficiency:

    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Fatigue and weakness
    • Cold hands and feet
    • Headache
      Because Shilajit contains a high level of humic acid and iron, it can actually assist in the treatment of anemia. However, in order to fully utilize its benefits and ensure that your body is compatible with this supplement, it is best to consult a medical professional.
  4. Say Goodbye to Stress And Exhaustion!

    Ever felt this certain kind of exhaustion that never seem to disappear regardless of the rest or sleep you just had? A study conducted by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2012 suggests that shilajit may help alleviate over exhaustion or fatigue.

    The study showed how shilajit may somehow improve cell functions typically responsible for reducing fatigue and anxiety by increasing the production of “happy hormones” like serotonin and oxytocin in the body. Furthermore, this substance is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that help re-energize the body.

  5. Air Sick?

    When you’re constantly up in the air, you experience a significant change in pressure especially when you are at higher altitudes. Pilots or flight stewardesses are commonly the most exposed to altitude sickness. This type of sickness can often be seen as body pain, fatigue, or, in more serious cases, lung congestion or poor oxygen circulation in the brain.

    Because shilajit contains over 80 different minerals as well as fulvic acid and humic acid, it is said to help with minimizing the effects of altitude sickness.

Is Shilajit Resin Safe To Use?

Trying to incorporate a new supplement into your diet always comes with certain risks when not done properly. It’s important to do some research and consult a medical professional for a second opinion. With regard to shilajit, it is an all-natural substance therefore, there aren’t any alarming side effects provided that you purchase it from a reliable distributor and take it according to the recommended dosage.

How Can I Avoid Fake Shilajit?

Having considered everything at this stage, always remember never to trust everything you see on the internet. Since Shilajit is commonly sold online, make sure to check the website selling such substances. Read the description, check for their credibility by reading through customer testimonials. Ask friends who have tried purchasing shilajit from them or better yet, check out local pharmacies. Ask the company, if they have tested their products.

Unreliable sources often mix their shilajit with harmful ingredients that could potentially harm your body. They also can mix shilajit with gums and pastes to stretch the product. You might not see these effects right away—but over time, they may pose a threat to your overall health so be sure to only buy from trusted sources.

Everyday Essence tests their shilajit and it comes from premium sources. No additives ever. View Shilajit here.

Can’t I Just Buy Raw Shilajit?

If you’ve had experience working with pure shilajit, go ahead. But if this is your first time, it’s highly advisable that you look for reliable distributors. Raw shilajit comes in a very dense form. When heated it will dissolve.

Raw shilajit still needs to be processed in order to fully eliminate the impurities it contains. Normally, those who process this substance use either a machine or by hand. If you’re a first-timer who just wants to test the waters, best you leave this one to the experts. Buy shilajit that has been put through a premium filtration process to refine the shilajit and give it the correct amount of water to keep it flexible and easy to pull from the jar.

Let’s Just Say I Took Too Much, What Side Effects Can I Expect?

You Get Too Much Iron In Your System

Iron deficiency is no stranger to the majority of the world’s population. In fact, studies show that about 80% of the world’s population suffers from a lack of iron. Luckily, medicine has evolved in such a way that supplements are made readily available for those affected. However, having too much iron isn’t ideal either. In fact, too much iron can be toxic for you.

Abusing or overdosing on shilajit can exponentially increase the iron in your body because it contains iron. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to keep your shilajit dosage between 300-500 milligrams per day.

Sounds Good? Why Not Give It A Try?

Being all-natural, shilajit can provide you with multiple health benefits. It is safe and may even be effective provided that you use it with caution. Don’t expect immediate results and be sure to let your body become more familiar with the substance. Monitor the reaction your body gives and adjust your intake accordingly.

It’s highly encouraged that you consult a medical specialist (especially one with knowledge on ayurvedic medicine) that way they can further provide you with information and prescribe you with the right dosage your body needs.







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The Shilajit Effect – Level Up with These 5 Benefits

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