Best Sex Positions for Beginners: Try These First

Best Sex Positions for Beginners: Try These First : Are you looking to change up your sex life? Are you feeling nervous?

You’re not alone. Many people struggle with sex anxiety, and that feeling can be compounded for people who are new to sexual interactions.

Trying out some basic sex positions can help you feel more confident and enjoy sex more easily.

Read on to learn all about the best sex positions for beginners.

  1. The Butterfly

    If you’ve only tried missionary before, you might want to start off by trying the butterfly, which is a modified form of missionary. One person puts their feet over the shoulders of the other person while lying on the bed.

    This angle allows for more sensation, which can improve your experience of having sex. That makes it one of the best sex positions to try.

  2. Standing Up

    If one of you wants to get a little more exercise, why not try having sex standing up?

    If you’re strong enough, you can have sex standing up without any support. But, you can get tired pretty quickly doing that! Try having sex standing up against a wall instead, so you can keep your energy up.

  3. Doggy-Style

    Doggy-style doesn’t sound great, but it is one of the best sex positions for beginners.

    The doggy-style sex position involves one partner being on all fours with the other positioned behind them. This position allows for more penetration, which can be helpful for some people. However, this position also requires a lot more strength than many of the others, so it’s not for the faint of hearts!

    And if you’re nervous about maintaining eye contact with your partner, and need some separation, doggy-style can take some of the pressure off and help you relax a little bit.

  4. Cowgirl

    With the cowgirl position, the partner on top gets to control how things go, which is really helpful for newbies. The top partner sits straight up, kneeling on top of their partner. That’s how the position gets its name!

    However, cowgirl position also means that the person on top has to keep things going, so if you don’t think you can handle the pressure you might want to work up to trying out cowgirl position.

    If you’re looking for more ways to mix it up in the bedroom, you can always look into toys. Websites like offer great options for couples!

  5. Face-Off

    If you want more contact with your partner while you’re having sex, try the face-off position. One partner sits on the edge of the bed, and the other climbs on top of them. This position is a great way to maintain eye contact and increase your intimacy with each other while having sex.

Best Sex Positions for Beginners: Get Started Today

Have you tried out the best sex positions for beginners? If these aren’t quite satisfying you, you might want to try out some more advanced moves.

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