Different Shades of Roses and their Symbolism

Different Shades of Roses and their Symbolism : Flowers are the way to express emotions without saying words. And among the flowers, roses have a special place. They are an invaluable gift that we can give our loved ones. Believe it or not, but roses have the power to bring a priceless smile to a face, regardless of the colour you choose.

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We are no stranger to the meaning of different colours of roses. The universal red colour rose is a symbol of love and has a unique value in flowers. But do you have an idea concerning the significance of other colours of roses?

With an abundant history and wide variety of colours, roses get preferential treatment all over the world due to its rich symbolism. Besides that, the incomparable beauty and fragrance of these flowers elicit happiness to the recipient.

If you want to pour more thought into giving someone the gift of roses, choose a colour that expresses your emotions. So, here we familiarize you with messages different colours of roses convey.

Red Rose

We all are familiar with the symbolism of red roses- Pure Love! Valentine’s Day, we celebrate with so much zest each year would cease to exist without this colour of roses. It is recognized as the embodiment of enduring passion and romance while reflecting respect and desire as well.

Whether it is proposals or birthdays, red roses represent bliss and appreciation one person has for the other. If you think of committing to someone, buy flowers from Flower Company and get a customized bouquet of roses that can express your passion perfectly.

While gifting roses, you must understand that context is everything. Before you think of giving someone a red rose, you must analyze how the recipient will interpret this gesture under different circumstances.

White Rose

Symbol of purity, youth, and innocence, White Roses are considered bridal roses due to their association with young and eternal love and loyalty. White colour roses are the best gift for people who are marking new beginnings in their life and want to tell someone their feelings with truth and reverence.

The Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, emerged from the sea and turned seafoam into white roses. Since then, white colour became the definition of soul-deep and everlasting love. If you want to share sombre moments with someone, this is the rose you must pick.

White rose is also used for occasions like a funeral, wedding, and religious ceremonies like baptism. So, before you gift them, make sure that they are the appropriate choice for the occasion.

Yellow Rose

Flowers by Flower Company are sold on a wide scale, and yellow flowers are the third most commonly bought roses. The yellow colour of roses was once meant for jealousy and accusation of infidelity on a person. However, over time, the yellow roses’ significance changed, and now it is a symbol of friendship. Sending these roses to someone means that you value that person and wish them joy and care.

If you want to congratulate someone, this is the perfect shade of rose for the occasion. For the birth of a new baby, engagements, a new house, and to thank someone, send yellow roses, and convey your message.

Pink Rose

The pink colour rose has the most extensive range of symbolic associations. As this flower even has different shades of pink, you have to be careful with every shade while gifting it. Overall, the different meanings are admiration, dignity, elegance, gentleness, happiness, and innocence. Paler shades of the pink stand for grace and sweetness, whereas deeper shades are symbols of gratitude.

With such wide symbolization, pink roses are the most versatile variety of roses. They convey the message of either a romantic or platonic relationship. Giving pale shades roses are good for starting romance before you move on to the red ones. You can also give a pink rose to congratulate a friend or cheer them up.

Unusual colours

Apart from the common ones, there are other unique colours of roses such as orange, peach, ivory, green, burgundy, purple, coral, etc. While orange symbolizes fascination, enthusiasm, attraction, desire, and passion, peach colour represents gratitude, sympathy, and modesty. Burgundy colour has a specific connotation to unconscious beauty and deeper passion. Purple colour roses are linked with enchantment and mystical energies used to convey majesty and royalty. The green colour in roses is a symbol of peace, rejuvenation, calmness, and fertility.

The ivory and coral of roses are said to represent charm, grace, thoughtfulness, and desire. These two colours are ideal for gifting someone you’re excited to meet and acquaint.

Blue Rose

With Flower Company’s flowers, you won’t have to worry about finding the unique colours of roses, even the blue ones. Due to their inability to exist naturally, these flowers are a symbol of mystery, intrigue, and the unattainable. Due to the meaning, they don’t have an association with occasions. You are most likely to get this colour of rose from your secret admirer.

Black Rose

Another iconic and classy colour that is not found in nature is this one. The true black colour is attained by dying the white or light-coloured ones. It symbolizes death, goodbye, and rebirth. You must have heard the iconic story about Avril Lavigne as she based her wedding theme on black colour and used these roses as a sign of rebirth. They have a gothic and morbid look and are considered ideal for the funeral. However, this colour is a risky choice unless you share a special bond with the recipient.


We have such a wide variety of flowers to choose from, and yet, roses are always our priority when it comes to gifts. Whatever you wish to express, buy fresh flowers from Flower Company and gift them to the person you adore. You can also learn about the symbolic number of roses you are gifting!






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