Different Styles of Mountain Bikes Available For The Riders

Different Styles of Mountain Bikes Available For The Riders : Mountain biking is one of the interesting and adventurous activities to lots of teens. There are many mountain bikers, who have bought more than one bike. To go up or down the mountain, you can choose this bike.

It is really a fun to ride a mountain bike through any rough terrain. Wheels of mountain bikes are of different sizes. 26 inches wheels may be found in most of the MTBs, while 29-inch wheeled bikes are the latest addition. These wheels are best for most of the tall bike riders. Another option for you is 27.5-inch wheels, which are preferable to several riders.

Mountain bike is of different types, and we have now talked about them.

Cross country bikes

These mountain bikes are very common, and have lightweight design. The cross country bikes are of two types. One of them is the race bikes, which run very fast. It will be easier for you to operate the bike while there are pot holes or boulders on the road. However, these bikes are not designed for very high impact landing and jumper, although you may take the tight corner easily. Another category is the trail bike, which is much heavier in weight. You can ride this bike through single track, dirty roads and all other paths.

Downhill Bikes

For going downhill safely, you may rely on these mountain bikes. Through the steep road, you can move the bike at a fast speed. You can enjoy the best riding style with this bike. Gears of this bike are bigger in size and also much high for the fastest paddling through the rough terrains.

You can find wider tires and rims in this bike. The frame and gears are also highly durable. They are capable of staying stable under high pressure. The downhill bike has standard disc brakes, and its chain guard is intended for securing the chain. You cannot ride this bike uphill.

Enduro bike

It is another category of mountain bike, having similarity to the trail bike. However, its frame is stronger, and you can find full suspension in the system. You will be able to move through the complicated, steeper trails. As it is sturdy, it is also weighty. You have feel challenges while peddling back.

Dirt Jumper

While you have used BMX bikes and Freeride bikes, you will find this dirt jumper is a fusion. Suspension is at the front side, and you may also call it as the urban mountain bikes. Some of these bikes have also one-speed gears, big handlebars, a brake and smaller frames. You can ride the bike without any fear.


The difference between the Freerides and downhillers is the purpose. Frame of freeride bike is very compact, and thus, you will be able to control it much easily. You may do technical stunts while using this bike. You can find thick frame tubes in this bike.

Thus, these are the major designs of the best mountain bikes, available in the market. As one of the enthusiastic mountain bike riders, you may invest in any of them.


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Different Styles of Mountain Bikes Available For The Riders

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