Different Types of Vibrating Panties You May Not Know About

Different Types of Vibrating Panties You May Not Know About : Thinking if you are going to have a hard time wearing a vibrating panty? Not at all! Being a first timer, you will find these panties extremely comfortable to wear. You are bound to receive the most intense carnal stimulation wherever you go. Truth be told, your natural asset down there would express its gratitude to you for having provided it with something that excites deep inside.

What is a Vibrating Panty?

A Vibrating Panty is the most popular sex toy on the market that stimulates you sexually when you are on the go or out in public. A lot of women nowadays find it hard to live without the danger and the risk of seeking orgasms in public. Unlike other types of sex toys available, vibrating panties offer a complete thrill other than being discreet. Use them no matter wherever you are and nobody will ever come to know how much you are having down there.

Vibrating panties – An Erotic Treat for Women Who Dare to Try!

What if we told you that using a vibrating panty was the most popular approach by many these days? Use them in any place you could possibly think of: movie theatre, dinner, club, party, bar or may be you’re at home.

Different Types of Vibrating Panties You Should Know About

Here are some different types of vibrating panties that will stimulate your clitoris and/or labia for the ultimate sexual satiation:

  1. Wireless Venus Butterfly

    Likely to explore the amazing world of vibrating panties? Look no further than Wireless Venus Butterfly panties. Not only are they of great value, they are extremely easy to use. These types of vibrating panties are a perfect option for those girly girls who don’t even think twice when it comes to revealing their naughty side.

    In these panties, the vibrating bullet which can be also used as Sex Toy, with adjustable fabric straps, is kept in place. The straps press the vibrator against the clit. These panties seem to be an ideal option for sluggish females as there’s only one speed vibrator.

  2. Entice Juliette Remote Control Panty Teaser

    Not willing to buy new underwear? No problem…! Enter the Entice Juliette Remote Control Panty Teaser. Slide this type in your underwear. Now what you need is a remote to get started. It’s entirely at your discretion if you want to use in a traditional way by taking the vibrator in hand.

    The best thing about the vibrating bullet is that it can be charged via USB. No need to consider the usual battery set up that seems pretty annoying. Equipped with 7 vibrating functions, you can look forward to making the most pleasurable night.

  3. Fixsation Vibrating Panty

    Many girls may consider Fixsation Vibrating Panty costing an arm and a leg but don’t fret. It can be recharged. We understand that running out of juice during the most provocative sex session is awfully annoying. Moreover, you don’t want the device to give up on you by running out of batteries, do you? This is certainly not the case with Fixsation Vibrating Panties. They can give you two hours of endless stimulation on a single charge. Need we say more?

  4. Adam and Eve Cheeky Vibrating Underwear

    This is one of the most amazing types that hide a small vibrating secret – an arousing buzzing sensation. So get ready for the most erotic moment of your life by slipping it on a stunning lacy material. We are sure you are bound to transform into a hot foxy woman.

    Adam and Eve Cheeky Vibrating Underwear comes loaded with a hidden inner pocket which keeps the amazing vibrating bullet out of sight. Not only you but your partner will receive the ultimate pleasure with this incredible sex machine.


Used completely as foreplay, you will need no reason to sing praises for the finest invention by the mankind for the fairer sex. Become a bold and naughty woman disguising the vibrating panty in public and we bet you will not find it hard to keep your moans under control.

Ooh La La…! Don’t you want it so bad? With a plethora of styles available to suit your, or your partner’s taste, you cannot go wrong with different types of vibrating panties available. So go on and grab this piece of kinky underwear that will make you and your man sexually aroused.


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Different Types of Vibrating Panties You May Not Know About