Differentiate Between Eternals And Non-Eternals.

We all know that our life has two parts; an eternal part, and the other part is non-eternal. The eternal part of life is never born, never dies whereas the non-eternals are born, live and die. We become attached to the non-eternals and we tend to forget the eternal.

We become attached to money because it is essential for survival of our worldly life but it is non-eternal, it is materialistic, not having permanent life. It has nothing to do with our eternal life. You become attached to your house or car, spouse, children and relationships. These all are non-eternal; they have nothing eternal. They are not your real being.
You have become attached to ‘my’ and ‘mine’- to possessions. And you have completely lost track of your being. In our day-to-day life, ‘I’ and ‘My’ have become more important. When ‘my’ becomes more important, it means that we are getting attached to the non-eternal things. If you make ’I’ your servant, you are a master. You may live in a totally different way. Using the word ‘I’, in an absolutely non-egoistic sense, it means your being. You need to confirm that whatever you possess in terms of your materialistic assets, they all are having a definite life-span. One day, they will whither out and that day can come even during your own life or afterwards. Those who do not believe as such, live on the periphery. The Eternal man remains centered.
We all create a world of illusions around us, getting attached to our real estates, our material possessions, our ornaments, our utensils and our accessories of living.
We go on being identified with things which are going to be taken away from us. For our peace of mind, our happiness, we need to become more and more eternal and less and less materialistic. It does not mean that we should give up all the essentials of living. No, they are equally necessary to lead a good life but if they are in excess of our actual need, they would become luxury or a reason of our mental stress how to care for.
The game of ‘my’ and ‘mine’ is an absurd game-but this is the whole game of life. This earth was there before you ever came here, and this will be here when you are gone. The diamonds that you possess were there before you ever came here, and when you are gone those diamonds will remain here – and they will not even remember you. This game of possessiveness is the most foolish game there is – but this is the whole game in which we never feel to have been trapped due to our own ignorance.
People, who become certain about the non-eternals, are going to be frustrated; their certainty is going to create much frustration for them. Their certainty will create expectations, and they cannot be fulfilled- because the universe is not there to fulfill their expectations. It has its own destiny. It is moving towards its own goal, it does not care about your private goals.
The Eternal man is not a doer. The non-eternal man is a doer. The non-eternal man is, in anxiety, tension, stress and anguish, continuously sitting on a volcano- It can erupt any moment, because he lives in a world of uncertainty but believes as if it is certain. This creates tension in his being; he should know deep down that nothing is certain.
As deeply you will study the necessity of your accumulations, you will feel that some things are no longer important, only your consciousness becomes important.
When things are no longer significant, a new search, a new door opens. Then you will not rush towards the without; you start slipping into the within because you would feel that the kingdom of godliness is within. Your sense of spirituality may awaken, your requirements of looking after the interests of your children, their education, their bringing up, your parents, your relatives, your real estates, your treasury would become to stay within limits and you will lead a peaceful life instead of running after accumulating a lot and a lot, which is not going to an end.

Be happy and differentiate Between Eternals And Non-Eternals.