Grow Up With BIG Thinking

Yesterday, I was reviewing the financial results of one of the companies of my client. I found one of the territories showing spectacular sales performance over the past years in comparison with others territories. There was no change in the Company’s policies or specific treatment to that territory. Why the same impact was not visible in the performance of others was intriguing much. I asked my client. He said that he did not make any change in the marketing policies but the Incharge was changed in the beginning of the financial year. One, John Smith, had been put there. Next day, he wished my client to arrange a meeting with John for further clarification as I sought to know about result of the circumstances prevailing in the territory or the system he adopted for the increase of sales, for so many years before the previous one, the western zone has never been able to show such good results. My client too was not able to tell me any particular change. We were concerned for total progress of the Company. When John came, I was surprised to see him. No extra ordinary personality – no specific qualification, I could not notice any particular addition in his characteristics. He was as ordinary as other Incharges. The tools and the products he got were the same as were on the disposal of the Heads of other zones.

The only difference what I found, and that was notable, was his determination and his method of thinking. That was different altogether. Before the change was effected, my client had asked him in view of the past performance of the zone whether he would like to change the manpower or some special consideration for himself or some other tools. He did not seek but gave his blue print of the working in advance. That blue print had indicated his firm determination and his working method – he made every member of his team so responsible, so excited, so inspired that their horizon of thinking has widened. Their approach became applicable not for the zone but for the Company as a whole. He made his thinking bigger and got the results bigger. The distributors, the dealers and even the sales representatives of that zone became true representative of the Company. This was the result of his BIG thinking. The further analysis of his statements indicated that wherever an opportunity arose, he gave credit of his achievements to his team members collectively. Though it was his leadership to guide them properly, he never mentioned it categorically in spite of the fact that the staff under him accepted this fact. Further, he bravely shouldered the responsibility himself for the fault if any committed by any of his team members. He had kept constant communication with all the concerned and kept care of personal comforts of each of them making them feel that in case of emergency, their captain would be there to help. This way, he developed emotional attachment inter se. I could not notice any kind of rudeness in his nature on any point, when he was counting the shortcomings or dealing with complaints of the subordinates. His loving nature and treatment won every one and he does not have any enemy.

I feel that we can think BIG only when we do have belief on ourselves. Firstly, we should think success only. If we contemplate failures in our mind in the beginning of our projections, we would break down soon when we see any chance of lagging behind. We should immediately replace the word “Failure” with “success” whether we use it at our home, our works or our social networking in which we explore out the positive possibilities through our contacts. When you face a difficult situation, you should think, ‘I’ll win’, not ‘I’ll probably lose’. If you are compared with some one, you must consider yourself to be above or at least at par but not lesser. You should prove yourself as such. Accept your weakness and try to improve it before the next opportunity arises. You must say that you can do whenever an opportunity is there to do something. If you determine, you will be able to get the way out to do that. “You will succeed” words should master you when you are working because thinking of failure would fail you. That would condition your mind to take other things as dismal too.

Secondly, we need to remind ourselves regularly that we are better than we think. Successful men we are observing are not super men. They are as normal as we are, but they sell themselves high. They value their time highly and they charge higher for their caliber. Their intellect may not be the production of higher education but they study their investment of money and time better than those who are not successful. They do please their targets only, not everyone coming and meeting them. They sort out and talk of the value only.

Thirdly, you need to target for higher goals. If you keep your goals of little value, your energy which can earn better results with bigger goals, would return less remunerative prices. Big ideas and big plans are often easier – certainly not more difficult than the coins which take a lot of energy while handling whereas the notes do not ask much space and much energy for the same amount.

I remember, about twenty years ago, a young boy, living in my neighborhood, used to look after plants of his lawns by watering, cutting and all other activities in the morning for 1 to 2 hours daily. I had been observing for about three months very keenly. I asked, “Brian, you are living here temporarily for a few months but you are looking after so seriously. You won’t be able to get any fruits.” He smiled and replied back, “Uncle, I like their growing up. I wished them to have grown up during my stay. But it may not be possible. ….that fellow who is going to occupy this house after my departure would find these plants not deserted and perhaps he may continue to care. If I continue, I would love to nurture them more” He was positive in his working and determined to achieve. I feel that patience and passion also broaden your thinking.

Be Happy and Grow up with BIG thinking. It will redraft your working strategy altogether.