Does Cold Water Therapy Really Work?

Does Cold Water Therapy Really Work? : Okay, so a cold shower first thing in the morning doesn’t sound like the best way to start your day, but once you try it, you will almost certainly become addicted. Hydrotherapy, also known as cold water therapy, is becoming an increasingly popular early-morning practice.

Lots of athletes and celebrities have taken cold showers in the morning for a long time, with Miranda Kerr describing her early morning shower as ‘invigorating’. Similarly, Katharine Hepburn admits to swearing during her ‘exhilarating’ cold shower first thing in the morning!

Cold water therapy introduced

Using water that is around 59F or 15C to treat various health conditions is known as cold water therapy. You can take an ice bath, opt for a cold shower, swim outdoors, or go for cold water immersion therapy.

The benefits

People have consistently said that cold water therapy improves their circulation, enhances sleep quality, and can even reduce inflammation. Some of the other benefits include:

Reduces muscle soreness

After competing, athletes use cold water treatment to reduce muscle soreness. A recent study found that athletes who soaked in a pool of cold water had less muscle soreness than those who didn’t following a period of exercise.

Improves your mood

Although cold water therapy won’t cure every mental health condition, heading for a cold water swim is said to relieve symptoms associated with depression, stress and anxiety.

Stimulates blood flow

One of the most vital aspects of health and wellbeing is good circulation. By immersing your body in cold water, the blood rushes to surround your vital organs. This causes your heart to pump blood much more efficiently, ensuring all of your body receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Doing this on a regular basis can contribute significantly to your general health and wellbeing.

Improves the lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is a network of vessels that run throughout your body. It plays a crucial role in removing waste, microbes, and harmful bacteria from your cells. It’s essentially your body’s cleanser! Your lymph doesn’t have a central pump like the heart, so you need to contract your muscles for it to stay active. Cold water leads to the contraction of your lymph vessels, which helps them function to their full capacity.

Ready to try cold water therapy?

  • If you don’t want to jump straight into a cold shower or bath, try Swedish Spray Therapy first. This process requires you to spray yourself with warm then cold water in intervals and is a great way to get used to the cold burst! It’s a great opportunity to use Legology’s EXFO-LITE Salt Scrub for Legs, too, and it provides the perfect conditions for an invigorating salt massage. Pair it with Legology’s Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs to ensure your legs glow after your morning cold water therapy!
  • Feeling daring? Why not just go for it? Set your shower to 10-15C and dive in – we dare you! You could even try an ice bath if you’re feeling like embracing cold water therapy like a pro.
  • Grab a map and check out an open water swimming venue near your home. Few things are as invigorating as an early morning dip in a lake.

When you’re done, make sure you wrap yourself in a soft, dry towel to warm yourself back up!




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Does Cold Water Therapy Really Work?

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