Does Knowledge Of Foreign Languages Matter In Dating?

Does Knowledge Of Foreign Languages Matter In Dating? What, in your opinion, is the most influential factor that ensures your success in dating? Your eye color or skin tone? Maybe height and weight? Oh wait, it must be your annual income! Well, dear reader, today we have bad news for those who can bet their appearance or wealth play a key role.

According to the recent research conducted among users of international matchmaking platforms – it doesn’t really matter – just like your charisma and sense of humor. So what do women, in fact, care about?

You might be surprised, but your educational level is something that counts. Especially when talking about Slavic women dating since the majority of these ladies have a university degree. Even more curious is the fact – 83% of respondents mentioned that they find the knowledge of foreign languages extremely captivating. While 90% of them consider men who can fluently speak three or more languages breathtaking. How do they explain this phenomenon? 33,5% of girls are impressed by the determination of a person with this kind of erudition. 27% of them love how certain languages sound. The rest – see such a man as a soulmate due to similar interests.

At this point, you probably wonder which languages we meant by saying the word “certain.” You understood it right – some tongues have general preferences. Over 24% consider Italian the sexiest one. No wonder: Casanova’s language definitely has the touch of romance. The second place of this rate – share two fabulous languages: French and Spanish. Is it somehow surprising? Probably not because they both are associated with love and passion. The third place, with 10%, is occupied by the Portuguese. In fact, no less alluringly spoken one.

Although, singles on the Web are not only about feelings. They also see practical reasons in favor of knowing foreign languages. This extra skill allows you to read books, watch movies, and listen to music from different countries. You will no longer need to wait for the translation of the new season of your favorite TV show. Isn’t it amazing? At the same time, it expands your search area since you automatically get something in common with singles from other countries.

Apropos other countries, knowledge of foreign languages allows you to make exciting acquaintances during traveling! Your success ensures the fact you won’t require the help of phrasebooks and online translators! You must agree: mutual understanding and respect can hardly be built without the ability to make a conversation on your own. And, in case your relationship will grow up into something serious one day – you will be able to move into the partner’s country! Your foreign language skills will play a major role in finding a good job upon arrival and solving daily issues.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of being this kind of intelligent. Furthermore: your accent won’t be a problem. According to the British social research center – it is your highlight: something that makes you irresistibly sexy. There is another rate in this regard, and you might be taken aback by its result! The most seductive accent, in women’s opinion, is Scottish. The second place of the rate is occupied by a very rare dialect – Kiwi (the one from New Zealand). The third – by Afrikaans. The last one, actually, is hugely popular among people around the globe. You can hear it not only in South Africa but all over the continent.

So, dear reader, did we blow your mind with our facts and results of different studies? If you still can’t believe what we said – experience it. You will be impressed – trust us!






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Does Knowledge Of Foreign Languages Matter In Dating?

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