Does Vaping Make Asthma Worse

Does Vaping Make Asthma Worse : Does Vaping Lead To Asthma? The type of impact that vaping has on the body is still being researched. Some studies, claim that some of the consequences from smoking are almost the exact same as vaping. In fact, vaping may cause some damage to the cells in the lung, but nicotine and e-liquids can cause inflammation in the lungs. Some of the research that is coming out is showing the e-cigs cause asthma.

Can vaping actually help people who suffer from asthma? Some people who have been vaping actually report they are getting a beneficial impact on the symptoms. In fact, some of the moisture from vaping actually helps with sinus issues. The research has shown that when people switch to vaping they start to sow long-term gains. In one survey, that was released, it is showing that the vaping may even help reverse asthma risk and lung damage.

The Risk, Side Effects, And Benefits Of Vaping With Asthma

When you look at vaping and asthma you need to ask if you think before you breath in your next breath of air. The simple truth is no you do not because breathing is an automatic response. If you do have asthma, though, then you know the wheezing and coughing you do is what makes you remember just how precious life really is.

Some habits are going to die hard, which is why so many people will constantly vape or smoke. The problem is over time the smoking and vaping can even start to become an automated behavior. It has been shown that smoking and asthma do have some problems, but with vaping the topic is still covered in vapors.

What Impact Does Vaping Have On Asthmatics? While it does have information out that are misleading regarding nicotine or even the chemicals, people need to realize vaping is not as safe as what you are led to believe. The experts have started to agree, though, that vaping may not be the best solution for asthmatics.

When you vape you are going to have a different impact on your body in different ways. The nicotine that is inside of the vapes are going to actually cause inflammation and make your asthma worse. Some of the studies that are out show that smoking and vaping in the short-term have the same impact. These can include coughing, headaches, getting dizzy and that is just the start of the list.

Even if you are using the e-cigs without any of the nicotine inside of them it is going to have an impact on the lung cells. What really is shocking is that some of the most tempting flavors that you can find like cinnamon candies, kola, banana pudding, or even the menthol tobacco was shown to kill lung cells in a lab. Since the companies are targeting young users, the experts are starting to speak out warning people against these flavors.

The exposure to the e-cigarette may even lead to lung cells being destroyed which can lead to asthma or even worse emphysema. A study coming out of Europe on mice showed that some vaping exposure can even cause asthma. The findings will not cause mass panic, but they are definitely pointing that some type of regulation is needed on vaping.

Can You Smoke With Asthma? While these studies are coming out, some people who are asthma sufferers are showing that they are benefiting from vaping and the vapes are working like their inhaler. A great explanation for this is the vaporizers are going to put out moisture that helps with the sinus issues people have. Some users, even add in herbs like peppermint and do not have any problems with their asthma.

Some of the same experts reported that when some people switched to vaping they started to have a marked improvement in their condition. Even after a follow up in a 24-month study it still showed the long-term benefit.

Does Vaping Reverse Asthma Risks For Smokers? Vaping has been shown to reverse some types of lung damage. A ground breaking study of 19,000 people from around the world showed that 76% of the smokers who had COPD and switched to vaping were able to report a tremendous improvement in their overall health and well being. What is even better almost a third of the participants reported they were able to reduce down the amount of medicine they had to take.

As we said earlier, vaping and what it does with asthma is still being researched. Some consumers state miracles from vaping, but the research shows that it can be harmful to the lungs.

While this is a new addition to help smokers and proven to help it is not really the perfect solution – The Health Service only endorses the products that have research to back up that they are safe and the cool down vapors like a desktop vaporizers like Volcano and other products have been proven to be safe.


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