Don’t hustle or hide.

Most of the working time at your disposal, you’re probably really busy. Working, working, rushing from here to there, you feel that still something is to be done. But how close are you getting to the dreams?
You have fantasies about being able to wear some of those “skinny clothes” in your closet, don’t you? Remember that friend of yours you had planned on calling? How about that group of leads that you wanted to work? What about that pile in the back yard that needs to be picked up and hauled away?

Life doesn’t revolve around watching ‘Friends’ and staying for one more round of drinks. Is that really fulfilling? Do you look back on that with pride or a feeling of accomplishment? Will those happy-hour buddies really snub you if you left now? Are these people even supportive of your far off dreams?

The stars of ‘Friends’ make over a million per episode. How much do you make watching them? Get TIVO and you can watch them when you’re too exhausted to do anything fun and rewarding.

I know what it’s like to have no control over your desires and what it’s like to transcend them. It’s even tougher to take sometimes, when you do everything you need to do and you still don’t get your outcome. It is frustrating. But here’s a rule of thumb. If you’re not done, keep going. Does it seem odd to even think about working past 5:00? What about throwing in the exercise video at 10:00 at night?

What would happen if you missed your favorite show this week? What would really happen? Shake up your routine. Get out a piece of paper and write down just one goal. A medium- sized goal. Something you’ve been putting off. Put down the things you need to do to make it happen. Put a date that it absolutely will be done.

Again, make it a medium-sized task… something that would only take about 10-20 hours to complete. Make a schedule.Commit to it… and finish it.

If a competitor got there a week or a month ahead of you, it could mean loss of thousands of dollars. You may not bear the thought of losing that much money because you couldn’t get yourself to pick up a 16-ounce telephone receiver to make two or three calls.

Look at your fears. Figure out what they’re costing you. If you don’t ask that person out, you both may miss out forever. If you don’t practice, then you’re not going to perform well. Plug in your own situation. Do you want those results?

Listen to your inner voice. What’s it saying when you’re worried or having a panic attack… over a very routine thing for most people? When you’re stopped cold, notice what you’re focusing on and what you’re telling yourself. I’ll guarantee it’s not, “Go for it!” You’re most definitely not telling yourself that you can do the job… that it’s no big deal.

Look at the empowering beliefs below and commit them to memory. Say them over and over until you dream about them. Read them constantly. Your circumstances won’t change until your thoughts change. Pound that into your head.

You know, you must have watched the movies “Rocky” and “Rudy” 50 times each. Why? Because nothing changes until you change what you think about. And emotional stories about people who overcome huge odds can inspire you to do the same.

Whenever I’m feeling stuck I pull out my empowering questions or my affirmation cards or read/watch an empowering story. It never ever fails to get me back on track and hopeful.

Do like the legendary basketball coach John Wooden says and “drink from good books.” He reads something powerful and encouraging every single day. And there was no better life coach than him. Do you believe “what goes in must come out?” Then act by what you believe and keep the positive flowing in every minute you can. Set that goal… And get hustling. Do that and something good will always happen.

You need to hustle or hide anything. Since you are brave, you must stick to your program and if required, you may disclose to the public that you are doing it. It will boost up your intentions and your goodwill as well.

Be happy – Don’t hustle or hide.