You must beat the odds to rise further.

If you break up the word ‘Impossible’ to read as I+m (short for ‘am’)+possible, you would start to see beyond the impossible, you will affirm that you are going to make the impossible as possible if you are there to attempt upon. This affirmation makes out your assurance to yourself that you can beat the odds to rise further and in result, the way to achieve your destiny clearly will surface. It depends upon your aptitude towards the challenges.

You might have heard very frequently that someone, we can name as Mr.X you know, is addicted of wine, tobacco, drug or on a path of self-destruction or acts as his own worst enemy. We have more attention to the wrong side. We very seldom discuss with our friends and nears that someone, who can be named as Mr.Y is rising from adversity or overcoming obstacles. We have got negative approach. We need to turn our attention and focus to different routes of growth and methods of self-evolution.

Destruction exemplifies a person not acting in his own best interest. Perhaps we recognize behavioral patterns which provoke weaknesses or a propensity for failure, or perhaps we point our ever-judgmental fingers at others in order to avoid pointing them at ourselves.

When we notice the self-sabotage at work in someone else, it’s only because it’s all too recognizable in our own experience. Nonetheless, destruction surfaces when the demons of fruition of effort begin to rise from the fire of impossibility. We tend to destroy our opportunities through various methodologies which some call coping mechanisms and continue down the spiral staircase of failure.

As human beings living in the society, we adapt to our environment. In doing so, we select the best part of ourselves to the world as a productive member of society. Perhaps we adopt a pleasant appearance to fit in with our immediate social strata. Or, sometimes we may change the language we use to fit in with smaller groupers of people who can easily relate to the colloquialism. Undoubtedly, aware of our socio-constructions or not, we all mold ourselves into an acceptable façade for the approval of our society at large. While some may consider this malleability as selling out or even as disingenuous on its face, it remains something we rely on, for our survival in a world where adaptation ensures survivability.

The other day, I told a friend, “I am on a fast path of self-construction!” I’m not tearing down anything as with destruction. ‘Con’ means ‘with’ or ‘together’ and our common images of building and civil engineering. Why not engineer a new life for yourself? Work with the structure you already possess and build a new you that most of your talents and abilities.

Take a look within yourself. In what ways do you put your finest qualities together of yourself? In what ways do you make the most of your lesser characteristics and work with your strengths to present to the world a surprising, revitalized you?

When we build ourselves and our lives using affirmative elements, we can bask in the shinning accomplishment of a newly created self, standing tall in the world and strong in foundation. Move forward with only the best ingredients of thought and action you can gather and your constructive efforts will reward you.

Like it or not, we don’t go through life alone. We may think we do, but every day our interactions with others balance our sense of self with the rest of the world around us. Sometimes our partners help us to construct something far larger than the relationship at hand.

Together, we can work towards common goals and build even greater contribution to the world. Two heads are better than one, but any size group, working in unison holding similar visions with focus and balance can produce exponential and extraordinary results.

Often, we are reminded to read between the lines when looking for a situational meaning not evident on its surface. The same holds true in inter-structuring your life. You may perceive that you gifts and talents are unrelated and when first recognising your abilities you cannot imagine how they would interact with other characteristics you possess, but step back and see how inter-construction can bring about a more fulfilling expression of your spirit.

At first glance, you may not envision a practical use for your sense of artistic taste, but when coupled with your love of cooking and a solid business sense, you may create a fantastic restaurant visited by many patrons who appreciate how you’ve assimilated your flair. Turn your attitudes away from negating your delicious eclectic nature and treat the world to you unique panache!

Each one of us faces the challenges of impasses. Certain situations, or even emotional or attitudinal roadblocks attempt or attitudinal roadblocks attempt to prevent us from our greater good. However, when you see beyond the impossible, the way to achieve your destiny clearly surfaces and you reach the other side of the river of your discontent with a new mobility of spirit. Visualize what lies ahead of you and focus on the other side of the issues and be willing to go beyond what you know and transcend into the champion you were born to be.

Be Happy – You must beat the odds to rise further.