Don’t Make Your Child Suffer, Find the Nearest Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery in New York Right Away

Don’t Make Your Child Suffer, Find the Nearest Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery in New York Right Away
Don’t Make Your Child Suffer, Find the Nearest Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery in New York Right Away

Don’t Make Your Child Suffer, Find the Nearest Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery in New York Right Away : When a baby has a cleft lip and cleft palate, it can be noticed right away after birth and will no longer need any special type of diagnosis.

And when a baby is born with such a condition, the parents are given the recommendation to have their child undergo pediatric cleft lip surgery in New York since there are qualified teams of medical professionals who will ensure the safety of your child throughout the whole process. More so that right now, the condition can be detected early on by ultrasound.

How Can A Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery New York Treatment Help?

One of the main goals of a pediatric cleft lip and cleft palate surgery is to ensure that the child’s ability to eat and speak is improved, that they will have a normal sense of hearing, and that their facial features will also be normalized.

When it comes to the care of children who have cleft lip and cleft palate, this usually involves a team of medical professionals starting from the doctors and other health experts as follows:

  • The surgeons specializing in the repair of the cleft, like plastic surgeons, or the ENTs
  • The pediatricians
  • The pediatric dentists
  • The orthodontists
  • The nurses
  • The specialist for auditory senses or hearing
  • The therapist for speech
  • The counselors for genetics
  • The social workers; and
  • The psychologists

The pediatric cleft lip treatment will usually involve surgery in order to repair the cleft brought about by the cleft including the necessary therapies that will help in the improvement of the child’s condition.

How Will the Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery Go?

The procedure required in correcting the cleft lip and/or palate of your child will be dependent on his or her unique situation. This is because there might be procedures that your child will no longer need, especially if the cleft is not too severe. However, even if such is the case, you may still be required to do follow-up surgeries in order to aid in the improvement of your child’s speech or improve the lip and nose appearance.

The procedure for pediatric cleft lip and cleft palate surgery is done in a hospital and your child will have to go under general anesthesia so that your child will not feel any pain or suddenly become awake while the surgery is ongoing. There are different techniques in surgery and procedures being used in repairing the cleft lip and palate, including the reconstruction of the affected areas, along with the prevention and treatment of possible related complications.

Procedures That are Generally Included in a Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery

  • The first step is cleft lip repair wherein the purpose of such a procedure is to close the gap in the lip. Here, incisions on both sides of the cleft will be done in order to create flaps of tissues, and then this flap will be stitched together along with the muscles of the lip. This procedure should result in a normal-like appearance, structure, and function of the child’s lip. Furthermore, the initial nasal repair is also done at this stage If it deems necessary.
  • The palate repair will come in next. There are a number of procedures that are used when it comes to the separation and rebuilding of the palate, both hard and soft. Of course, this procedure will be dependent on the situation of the child. Here, the surgeon will be making incisions on both sides of the cleft and then reposition the tissue and the muscles of the mouth.
  • If necessary, an ear tube procedure will also be recommended for your child. This procedure is important when the child has a cleft palate because this ear tube is placed in order to reduce the risk of chronic ear fluid, which if not prevented, can lead to hearing loss.

Additional Treatments for Possible Complications after the Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery

Should complications arise after the cleft lip surgery procedure, your doctor may recommend additional treatment to avoid worsening of the child’s condition.

  1. You will be recommended to use a special bottle nipple or feeder for your child in order to facilitate feeding strategies especially after the operation.
  2. Your child may also be required to undergo speech therapy in order to correct difficulty in speaking.
  3. Your child may also be required to undergo orthodontic adjustments such as wearing braces in order to correct teeth positions and his or her bite.
  4. Your child may also be required to be monitored by a pediatric dentist starting from an early stage in order to regularly check on the child’s tooth development and oral health.
  5. Your child may also require constant monitoring and treatment for possible ear infections and this will include the ear tubes.
  6. In the event of hearing loss, you may have to provide hearing aids or other types of assistive devices for your child.

Some Wisdom for the Child’s Parents and Family

When your baby is born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, it is unavoidable that you feel guilty especially because your child is born with a birth defect. And when your child has this birth defect, the first thing that you should always keep in mind is to stop putting blame on yourself. Instead, shift the focus of your energy on supporting and helping your child by looking after his or her well-being.

There are a lot of ways that you can show support to your child, and the most important kind of support is to focus on your child as a person and not on his or her defect.

Some Appointment Tips When Consulting a Doctor for Your Child’s Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery

If your child is born with a cleft lip, cleft palate, both, then the first thing that will be recommended for you to do is to refer your child to a specialist in order to create a treatment plan for your child.

So before proceeding to an appointment, check first if there are any pre-appointment restrictions that you should observe. The reason for this is because there might be things that you should do in advance, like diet restrictions for your baby. It is also important for you to take into consideration all of the signs or symptoms that your baby may be experiencing. These should be included when talking to the doctor even if it seems unrelated to the reason for your appointment.







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Don’t Make Your Child Suffer, Find the Nearest Pediatric Cleft Lip Surgery in New York Right Away

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