Don’t Worry About Death

Many of us keep ourselves, throughout our lives, afraid of death. Every incident causing even a little mental/physical pain makes us leading to fear if that incident may culminate into our death. We should not forget that death is a universal truth for every thing perceivable in this world. If something has got life to start the period of living, ultimately that is to perish one day.

It is, therefore, important for us to know that life and death are two sides of the same coin. And the coin is Soul. When the soul assumes a physical body it is life and when it discards the physical body, it is death. Actually, life and death are transitory phases till the soul completes it cycle of life and death. Our physical bodies are vehicles for the soul, for its journey towards the ultimate destination, uniting with the Supreme Soul. That’s salvation. Life and death are steps to reach Him.

Our soul is an embodiment of Supreme Consciousness or energy flow that keeps the body alive, just the way electricity powers light, fan television or any micro-function. We can switch off any electrical gadget; God, too, switches off this energy flow when His work is complete. The journey of our soul continues.

It is an evolving course and evolution is a continuous process every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning. A plant flowers, the flower in turn sheds its petals giving way for fruits or seeds. Then the plant wilts but continues as a new plant through its fruits or seeds. Death, too, is a process in the evolution of soul. Death is just an out-of-body experience.

Then why fear death? Fear of death arises when we identify ourselves with our physical bodies forgetting we are pure consciousness which is eternal. Senses and mind control our body. We identify pain and pleasure with the illusory material world and body. When we celebrate birthdays, in a way, we are also celebrating death, as each year carries us towards a new life and conclusion of the present chapter.

Life can be compared with the phases of the moon. The waxing moon reaches its prime with the full moon and then wanes to become what we call the ‘new’ moon which is in fact is a moonless night. Like life, death too is an illusion. What is real is that your soul is eternal.

Your identity, as you are addressed, lives and dies. The real you goes on in which as in nature, there are changes of seasons. Life and death are a succession of change of scenes, till our role ends in the play scripted by the Supreme Soul.

Failure to comprehend the true nature of the Universal Self causes turmoil and torments in our life. Accept life as His wish, let His will flow. When the mind is not peaceful and the body is not stable, the struggle becomes formidable. Our endeavour should be to live in harmony with nature. Whenever some grief may strike us, we must immediately jump into searching out the reason of its coming up. This process will involve our time and anxiety towards improvement of our worldly status, side-by-side reducing the impact of the grief on our life. It is therefore advisable that we must give up the fear of death, the fear of torments in our life assuming that it is His wish. We can only try that the things which are happening not according to our wishes should not happen again during our life time. We must try sincerely so for the rest time of our present life time but not to forget that the bad things happen due to some reason which might have been created out of our faults or someone else had done.

Ultimately, we must not forget that life and death are natural part of a process. Be happy and give up the fear of death.