Doodle As a Stress Therapy – Learn How to Calm Down Easily

Doodle As a Stress Therapy – Learn How to Calm Down Easily : There are all sorts of ways to distress. Finding the one that works for you is part of the whole adventure, too. You could try some of the many crafts out there, learn more about paper mache, or any number of other options.

The main thing is finding something that brings you a sense of calm and takes your mind off the strains and stresses of our modern world.

It Gives You Focus

Doodling is great. It’s perfect for focusing the mind on a small and discrete task while blotting out the world. In a way, every time you doodle on some paper, you’re creating your own tiny little universe. The best paper plate crafts let you do that.

One of the effects of stress on people is loss of concentration and focus. Being overwhelmed makes the mind scatter more, and sufferers often experience this. With doodling as a stress therapy, you can focus with calm.

Forget the Stressors

As noted above, one of the primary benefits of this kind of activity is the temporary escape. Doodling allows you to generate a calm and discrete environment. It’s a kind of mini holiday, in which you’re free from worldly troubles.

When you take that temporary break, it’s almost irrelevant what you’re actually drawing. It’s all about the process, but if you find that you’re good at it, then that’s an added source of pleasure and accomplishment.

Enhancing Your Creativity

Letting go of things can be a major component of bringing out your creative side. We live in a world replete with constraints and rules, so doodling can become your personal antidote to all of that.

In a basic sense, it’s a lot like origami. It’s sort of like a free-form version, meaning that you still get to escape into it, but there are fewer rules involved. Viewed this way, doodling is like the jazz of the papercrafts world.

As you engage more and more with therapeutic doodling, you’ll simultaneously be flexing that creative muscle. You may not even notice it, but your creative brain will be reveling in all the exercise it’s getting.

It’s Just Fun! 

In the end, it’s seriously fun. You shouldn’t require an excuse for having harmless fun and shouldn’t offer any apologies, either. Too many folks seem to think that joy is reserved for childhood. Grown-ups are allowed a little too.

What makes this kind of fun so accessible is that you can use it wherever and whenever you have a spare moment. You can also dip in and out at will, meaning that you’re never far away when you’re needed.


Doodling has long been considered effective at bringing calm and serenity to folks, and offering a gentle solution against stress and anxiety. It’s main charm is how simple and free it is. It’s unobtrusive, silent, unhurried, and fun.

At any time of the day, you can pick up some paper and just doodle away for five minutes. Once you’ve gathered your mood and thoughts, you can then return to your day feeling just that little bit more centered, a little more present.






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Doodle As a Stress Therapy – Learn How to Calm Down Easily

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