Drinking Tea Is Good for You

Drinking Tea Is Good for You
Drinking Tea Is Good for You

Why do people from all corners of the world drink tea? We love the aroma and its various flavors, we love sitting in front of the fireplace relaxing and enjoying this beverage, and we like holding a warm cup in hands in a cold morning, leisurely sipping tea. These are fantastic reasons to choose tea as a favorite drink. But, that is not all. Tea is not only a delicious and pleasant drink but also very healthy. Check out a few reasons why drinking tea is good for you.

1. Keeps you hydrated

Drink tea in the morning and it will keep you hydrated the whole day long. Have a cup of tea in the evening after a long hard day and restore your powers. This drink combines many beneficial features in it, but still, don’t drink too much tea, remember that it contains caffeine.

2. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease

Modern scientists are mush interested in investigating all the properties the tea leaves possess, and they have found out that drinking tea helps reduce the chances of a heart attack. Researches also show that tea is good for person`s cardiovascular system in general. Thus, this may be considered as one of the most important reasons to prefer tea.

3. Reduces blood pressure

Claudio Ferri in USA Today stated that black tea has a positive effect on vascular system. If to be more particular, tea contains flavonoids (or catechins) that help reduce blood pressure, and also protects the arteries from the fat deposits. These flavonoids activate the antioxidants in your body to resist these health risks.

4. Contains cancer-preventing antioxidants

This quite a surprising fact has been confirmed by scientists and numerous researches. There are special antioxidants in tea that help body fight cancer-like symptoms. Anyway this makes me become thoughtful about my health, and now I definitely drink tea more often than coffee.

5. Helps process sugar intake

Time Magazine states that tea is preferable for people with Type 2 diabetes. Especially green tea has special properties that help diabetics process sugar better. People who were diagnosed diabetes for many years already were interviewed in the course of the investigations, and many of them claim that green tea makes them feel better. So, it is wise to drink it more often than you do now.

6. Reduces risk of stroke

I have already mentioned the positive effects that tea has on cardiovascular system. But researches also claim that green and black teas reduce the risk of having a stroke. It is definitely a fascinating fact for tea lovers, and a very persuading reason to become one.

7. Acts as an organic sunscreen

I’m sure that this fact will make many people feel extremely happy, especially women. Green tea influences the healthy growth of the skin. Moreover, as a green tea lover I was glad to find out that it protects skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition to that, if your sunscreen has green tea as one of the components, it must be very effective.

Do you find tea a boring and commonplace drink? I am sure that after learning these beneficial properties of tea that influence you health, you’ll change your point of view. Choose having a cup of tea as a way to enjoy yourself and to care about your health. So what type of tea would you prefer? Do you know any other health benefits that we must know? I’m eager to know!



Drinking Tea Is Good for You