Effects Of Nicotine On Your Body

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Effects Of Nicotine On Your Body : Nowadays, it is very common to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy to help smokers overcome the addiction and go back to a healthier life. The use of vaporizers, also known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, has become a common alternative for those who are starting their path towards a smoke-free life.

The use of e-cigarettes is healthier than the use of regular tobacco cigarettes or cigars, there is no combustion of tobacco leaves and therefore no toxic residues in the lungs of the user. Without the damage of tobacco combustion, the only element left in e-cigarettes to be studied is nicotine. You can also look for best e-liquid that will have no harm on your health.


What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a stimulant found in plants, it can be present in several plants and leaves, but it constitutes up to 3% of tobacco leaves, the main source of nicotine. To find one of the best non-tobacco leaves nicotine products you can visit https://blackbuffalo.com/


Is it safe?

Not completely. It is well known that nicotine patches, gums, and nicotine e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking. But this does not mean they are free of risks. There are still several important side effects nicotine can have on your body.


Nicotine and cancer

Smoking is directly linked to many different types of cancer, but not directly related to nicotine consumption. What causes smoking to be so harmful and connected to cancer is the toxic residue it leaves in the lungs, also known as tar.

However, there are also direct effects of nicotine in cell division, which is linked to cancer proliferation and survival. So, it may not be linked to the beginning of cancer, but it is certainly linked to its proliferation.

There are still not enough studies to determine exactly the effects that the nicotine replacement therapy has on the body. It is necessary to continue research to inform the public of the possible risks and consequences they might face when switching from smoking to patches, gums or vaping.


Nicotine and heart diseases

Nicotine has some serious effects on the structure and functions of vascular muscles and cells; through a series of changes, it increases the incidence of hypertension and cardiovascular disorders. Another way nicotine affects your cardiovascular system is related to the thickening of the inner walls of blood vessels. Long term nicotine exposure impacts these cells and may lead to strokes, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and others.


Nicotine and the Reproductive system

The side effects of nicotine in the reproductive system of men and women are one of the most common reasons used to support campaigns against smoking.

For men, the damage is done in two ways. The creation of new sperm is affected, and the individual can find himself having a very low sperm count, which reduces the chances of getting a woman pregnant drastically. Additionally, nicotine dilates the blood vessels and relaxes the corpus cavernosum which results in loss of penile erections and erectile dysfunction.

In women, nicotine severely affects menstrual cycles, it causes them to be irregular and bleed at abnormal frequencies. It also affects the ovaries, they seem to be overstimulated but with a faulty blood irrigation, which results in impaired fertilization.



Nicotine is the main cause of smoking addiction, and even though it is healthier than tobacco combustion, it is not exempt from risks and damage. Nicotine Replacement Therapies are an option for those heavy smokers who are fighting their way out of this toxic habit, but it is not recommended for those who haven’t smoked in their life.

Nicotine negative effects are clear and fully studied; they include: the proliferation of cancer in an individual, several heart conditions, and diseases and it also affects the reproductive system of men and women.



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