Enhance Your Home with BarcaLounger

Enhance Your Home with BarcaLounger : An iconic and highly sought-after furniture company that specializes in recliners and motion sofas, BarcaLounger has been creating luxurious pieces since 1896. These reclining chairs have made their way into every home in the United States and all parts of the world.

With a passion for innovation, comfort, and optimum service, this brand isn’t slowing down anytime soon. If you want to live a life of comfort at home, BarcaLounger is a modern and stylish brand for you.

What is a BarcaLounger Recliner?

BarcaLounger is a type of recliner that was manufactured in the United States. And the company is also named after it. However, this company had begun as Barcalo Manufacturing Company in 1896.

Founded by Edward J. Barcalo, BarcaLounger is deemed as the oldest recliner manufacturer in the United States. But it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. The company had struggled to stay afloat and filed for bankruptcy in 2010. Back then, they had manufacturing facilities in Martinsville, Virginia, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina, which they had to shut down.

But this furniture company can’t be easily torn down. After filing for bankruptcy, they had reopened a manufacturing facility in Morristown, Tennessee in 2011. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The BarcaLounger chairs boast of comfort, luxury, and style
The BarcaLounger chairs boast of comfort, luxury, and style

The BarcaLounger chairs boast of comfort, luxury and style that can match every living room, bedroom, or home office. These products are also made of high-grade leather with timeless appeal that can last a lifetime.

One thing that makes BarcaLounger stand out is its company culture that’s deeply rooted in its branding ever since. They not only foster client relationships, but they believe in protecting employee rights. In fact, they are considered as the first American furniture company that allows employees coffee breaks in 1902.

Quality, Comfort, and Style All Rolled into One

The BarcaLounger chairs are “scientifically articulated,” which means, the chairs such as motion chairs are patented by Dr. Anton Lorenz. Ever since, the BarcaLounger recliners, chairs, ottomans, and motion sofas have earned accolades from their users worldwide.

As a matter of fact, Johnny Janosik had seen a surge in sales since installing a 2,000 square foot showroom dedicated only to the BarcaLounger brand. They displayed the creme de la creme of all BarcaLounger chairs and recliners — proof that these pieces are worthy of your investment.

For over 70 years, the company has been a household name in fashion-centric products that are made of excellent leather. Aesthetics also doesn’t compromise quality as these chairs provide maximum comfort, which is a perfect retreat when coming home after a long day. BarcaLounger engineers practice industry standards that are responsible for their stellar reputation in the furniture-making business. This makes BarcaLounger better than all the other upholstery manufacturers.

The BarcaLounger - From casual modern contemporary to traditional home themes
The BarcaLounger – From casual modern contemporary to traditional home themes

From casual, modern, contemporary to traditional home themes, the company assures there is always a suitable chair for every homeowner. The brand is also a leader in innovation. For instance, their pedestal chairs can be rotated 360 degrees to offer optimum flexibility and comfort. These range from office chairs, executive chairs to leather chairs.

Moreover, their recliners are also built for comfort and durability. Made of premium leather, these recliners have versatile styles — from classic recliners to the most modern pieces. Last but not least are BarcaLounger motion sofas, which are gaining popularity in every living room nowadays.

Recently, the company delved into voice-control motion technology. This voice command feature is integrated into the mechanical operation of some of their new power reclining chairs. A product like this is life-changing and can make your R and R more enjoyable.

You can command your recliner to stop, recline, or change position. Now, how’s that for state-of-the-art furniture design?


Find the most perfect collection for your home from the extensive list of BarcaLounger products. Experience the highest comfort in style and luxury with pieces that hug your body contours. We’ve got all you need here, check out these BarcaLounger furniture pieces.






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Enhance Your Home with BarcaLounger

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