Ensure Appropriate Distribution of Wealth Amongst All (Part 2)

Yesterday, I tried to quote about the present economic condition as put up by Robert Frank in his article on Sunday, August 1, 2010. We can solve a number of problems just by ensuring appropriate distribution of wealth amongst all. But why? and how? These are two questions – they are important because they relate to our mental peace. If we get appropriate solution to these questions, we can solve a number of problems as on date.

From time to time, we have been experimenting over various forms of economy to provide a suitable answer to the needs of our people world over. Some countries went for socialism; some opted for communism and some for capitalism. A few countries adopted mixed economy. New and newer systems of economy continue to evolve to get solution of the problem but we see that the crimes including financial ones are increasing day-by-day. We feel that still we could not have perfect solution of our problem. If we do not have mental peace, we all would have mental stress and that would not help us to lead our lives comfortably.

The first question is why we should ensure appropriate distribution of wealth amongst all. It is required to be solved out because we know that there is good imbalance in the distribution of the wealth amongst all in the society. The majority of the human beings are not able to meet their basic needs properly whereas a few hands have control on the major part of the resources. Those who are rich might be having the wealth due to inheritance or self earning become target by the have-nots. Sometime we feel that some of the terrorism has come out of the frustration felt for a long period by the have-nots in the society and impressed with their success in some instances, the others have adopted terror as tool of the solution they seek for their problems. We need to look into this aspect also at some stage of our working.

We must ensure appropriate distribution of wealth amongst all because we need mental peace and happy life for ourselves and our children, because we need that we may lead our lives peacefully and comfortably without being attacked by others out of their jealousy and greed. Why other people are jealous to us is another question in this context. Why should they get jealous with us? It is human psychology that when we get failed to secure appropriate results of our efforts, we develop some kind of jealousy to get the other’s possessions. Some time such jealousy nature becomes so violent that we do not care for the purity of our means to achieve that stage of progress what the target people get. If we consider the root of progress, we can solve the problem to better extent.

Some people are found to be greedy. They are never satisfied with their possessions and ironically, some of them do not try sincerely to get the additions at their own. Here, they would try to get the target additions even by giving up the ethics and creating law and order problem. They need to be tackled as per the rule of the soil. They must be restrained to take up law and order in their hands for getting additions to meet their greed firstly through psychological pursuance and if you fail, you may use administrative power. We must ensure that they are not able to get additions if they do not deserve it. If they deserve the additions, they must get them in a lawful manner.

Every state has pious duty to meet the expectations of the subjects and in this direction, suitable system is devised to deliver the goods but we have been witnessing the public unrest here and there meaning that the systems being adopted have failed somewhere to meet the expectations of the subjects fully. Every system has its own merits and demerits – there is a great need to adopt the best one and adjust it according to the individual circumstances.

We have been seeing for time that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital and derives its wealth through a system of exploitation. Another form of economy is communism which is often used to refer to the policies of the various communist states, which were authoritarian governments that had centrally planned economies and ownership of all the means of production. We saw some states to believe in socialism. Socialism is an economic and political theory based on public or common ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources.

Keeping in view the merits and demerits of capitalism and communism, we are seeing mixed economy to have come in practice. A mixed economy is an economy that includes a variety of private and government control, or a mixture of capitalism and socialism. This system too has not been able to deliver the best results so far.

What we understand as a layman, a normal citizen wishes to have right to equality, freedom from exploitation, freedom of religion, Cultural and educational rights, freedom to move about within the territory, freedom to do trade, commerce and intercourse with others, freedom to have material possessions with right to Education and live with security assured by law and order from internal and external disturbances. That normal citizen does not have much concern with the form of economy a State may enforce. Initially, he is interested to meet his basic needs. After meeting his basic needs, he proceeds further towards his further aspirations. He may put up the resistance only when he feels that a particular system imposes some bindings upon his freedoms which were earlier available.

Therefore, the State is required to ensure that there is no limitation imposed upon the subjects on any account in terms of his freedom specified above. Only in case of emergency, as the State may proclaim due to internal disturbances created in maintaining law and order or by financial break downs or due to external disturbances on account of some foreign aggression, some freedoms can be curbed. In normal times, the State can ensure appropriate distribution of wealth amongst all through various schemes.

We may continue this topic to the next post.

Be Happy – Ensure Appropriate Distribution of Wealth Amongst All.