Ensure Appropriate Distribution of Wealth Amongst All (Part 3)

After we feel convinced why there must be an appropriate distribution of wealth amongst all, we may consider how it should be ensured. Instead of going through the various merits and demerits of the various systems, we may just find out what is the best for the common people. An administrative system which believes in corruption-less, result-oriented and productivity based governance can do it. For this we may need such public servants who are ready to work beyond their self interests. Public servants include the persons we elect in Government, we select for bureaucracy and judiciary, the persons who work for our defense and police services and the persons who render professional services in health, education and other areas.

For corruption-less, result-oriented and productivity based governance, we may have to bring about radical change in our character and make it more public-oriented. So far we have been seeing that a person who had not been able to earn well to feed himself becomes multi-millionaire once he is able to have some connection with someone in the Government. His interest in politics makes the politics as a tool of earning instead of doing something in social welfare. If a leader is alleged to have earned something beyond his known and lawful sources, he is not penalized. Many bureaucrats have been found to have amassed wealth wrongfully. There is no action of confiscation of such wealth. It appears that our present mechanism is not competent. Majority of the persons in judiciary have been involved in corrupt practices. There is no stern action against those who have committed crimes publically. In such system, only those can prosper who do not have any ethical values towards the society and the nation.

However, no system can be perfect unless that is supported by the duty-bound administrators and subjects. For that, we need to have some code of conduct for each section of society. Since every person of a State, whether he is a politician, an employee, an army-man, a policeman, a judicial officer or a businessman, he is firstly a citizen of that country. Therefore, as citizen, we must ensure that:

1. We are willingly ready to sacrifice even our own life and all of our possessions for our country. Our Motherland should be our first and highest consideration. Let us inculcate in our children and members of our family pious love for our country, the spirit of patriotism and service to the nation and fellow citizens.

2. We lead a righteous life.

3. We maintain our incorruptible character full of ethics and sincerity for each other giving up our greed and jealousy to ensure the nation’s welfare and its future stability.

4. We maintain and build up proper and pollution free environment for safeguarding the health of ourselves, our family members and fellow citizens.

5. We eradicate the evils of bribery, corruption, selfishness, immorality, dishonesty and misconduct and the evils of gambling, liquor-drinking, drug-taking, tobacco-smoking, betel-chewing, gender-discretion, eve-teasing, dowry, expensive marriages and other superstitious practices are given up.

6. We inform the appropriate authorities if we see someone to be disloyal to the nation. Disloyalty to our Nation is crime and unpardonable sin.

7. We do not spoil, misuse, steal or destroy National property. We are custodian of public property. We should preserve it with love and care. Let us keep our country neat and clean. This is our sacred duty.

8. Our entire fellow citizens are brethren. We feel this fraternity. Let us all love each other and one another and be united because, we are one family.

9. We have equal reverence for all religions, creeds and faiths. Let us love the followers of our faiths as our own brother. Let us treat others as we wish to be treated by them.

10. At all cost we avoid every type of violence and hatred for, this is a blot on the fair name of the Nation. It is soul- killing and cause great harm to our country’s welfare and development. It is totally opposed to our Nation’s ideal.

11. We adopt simple living and high thinking. Let us not be extravagant. Let us avoid waste. Let us practise frugality. Let us share what we have with our less fortunate fellow citizens.

12. We respect the rule of law and uphold social justice. In this lies the guarantee of our welfare and orderly progress towards better State.

13. We are compassionate towards all creatures. Compassion is a divine quality.

14. We affirm that non-injury is our highest virtue. Protection of animals is our sacred duty. We may try to become an embodiment of kindness compassion and goodness in your every day life.

15. We make amends of our past lapse to restore proper Ecology. We must protect our natural environment. Helping in maintaining the ecological balance is our duty. It is indispensable for our safe living and highest welfare. We may consider that polluting of public places and polluting of air and water of the country is a national crime.

16. We are united against all internal and external disturbances. United we stand, divided we fall. The more united the people of a country, the greater is their ability to withstand all obstacles and dangers. We should live in close harmony and loving goodwill with all our countrymen. Love of our country means love of our countrymen. This is the most invaluable service a Citizen can offer to his Motherland.

17. We re-orient our education for enriching and enhancing the quality of life of our youth and students. Our process of education should incorporate within it the imparting of the basic knowledge of nation’s culture.

18. We carry out our sincere efforts to achieve something in lawful manner and do not adopt any short cut method by encroaching upon other’s share in-genuinely.

19. We promote sports and provide equal opportunities to all.

20. We do not prefer for any particular caste, class or creed for any particular benefit.

The above list is not exhaustive – we can add up our duties as we think appropriate and perform in the best interests of the nation. Then, we won’t have any problem for appropriate distribution of wealth amongst all.

Be Happy – Ensure Appropriate Distribution of Wealth Amongst All.