Ensure Equitable Distribution of the Resources amongst All

In the early stages of mankind, there were lesser number of people with abundant resources for survival. Slowly, slowly with the increase of population world over, exploitation of the resources grew up. New technologies are coming into process and we are ensuring maximum output.

A rough estimate is there which says that 15% of the total population has occupied 85% of the world resources and the other 85% of the total population is compelled to meet their requirements out of the rest 15% resources. There is no equitable distribution of the resources amongst all and this inequality is the bone of contention creating various groups of people trying to snatching from other group.

Today, India has the 2nd largest urban system in the world. 310 million people live in 5161 cities and towns. That is like cramming the entire population of America into a third of the space. Most Indian cities are probably operating at their peak levels of occupancy. Perhaps in some cases it is a miracle that they still work. To make matters worse in the next 30 years almost 400 million people will migrate to these cities. That is about 20 Australia’s for you. And by 2030 India’s urban population is estimated to reach a staggering 575 million. It is about time somebody asked the question: In the years to come, where will India live? How will India live? Similarly, it applies, almost, to all the developing and developed countries.

Today, I found one message very much appealing. That message was addressed to the terrorists asking them to rethink over their strategy of getting solution to their problems of unemployment and poverty. The message supposed long time unemployment, responsible for the poverty amongst the masses creates the need of using violence to solve the problems of getting essentials for the survival. The terrorists never think that by adopting violent means, they get only immediate solution of their problem of food for their family and themselves. But in long term, they are not able to face or merge into society, once they are in criminal world. They would again be unemployed and at that time, they won’t be able to live with their family, nor are they able to provide proper feed and schooling to their children. To avoid unemployment and resultant poverty, they must equip themselves with proper education and technical qualification.

This message is, however, one sided. What about those who create unemployment? An industrialist deserves welcome when he starts an industry to provide employment to some man-hands. But after commissioning his industry, he concentrates over getting recovery of his investments only – he never thinks about his contribution to the society when he acquires a lot of land on cheap rates, when he pollutes the surrounding areas by emitting harmful gases and letting out the polluted water untreated, when the set up of his industry puts an end to the greenery and many trees there, when he charges more than the fair margin of profit by holding up the essentials in his warehouses for the sake of increasing the prices by creating artificial shortage in the market, by using substandard materials in the production, by using corrupt methods to earn more and more, by evading taxes and so many wrong practices. When they are wrong, they should not expect right from the other end.

Bureaucrats and political leaders are also responsible for the chaos. When a bureaucrat does not perform well, he affects the interests of the people at large. Those bureaucrats not performing well must be removed immediately so that sincere persons are employed for smooth working. When a political leader uses politics for his invested interests only, he creates imbalance in the society creating dissatisfaction and frustration. Such political leaders must be boycotted and voted out at the earliest opportunity. If they are found wrong with the nation’s interests, they must be hanged unto death so that none other could repeat their practices.

When the courts of law do not deliver the judgments in time, the affected persons loose confidence in the law machinery. Improper delivery of judgments is also responsible for the social turbulence. We waste a lot of funds in wasteful activities for organizing proper infrastructure for judiciary; we make the plea of short of finance. We can have proper priorities and think that timely delivery of judgments and implementation thereof can solve majority of the problems.

There would not be any viable solution of the problem if we just punish Madhuri Gupta who is alleged to have been spying for the other country, we must take into account why she got involved in such heinous activities and who were the responsible persons creating such circumstances compelling or luring her to do such activities. If after deep and impartial investigation it is found that Madhuri Gupta did it all at her own sweet will, she must be hanged in public to show that none other may repeat her activities as she put the security of millions at stake. A fast track investigating agency and court must decide it. Similarly, Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of the Mumbai must be done away and for that cause, all the concerned countries must have cooperated. That day, it occurred in India, tomorrow, it can happen in Pakistan or some other country. Why this occurred and who were responsible, we need to investigate that too impartially.

For equitable distribution of resources, we must make out an assessment of the basic requirements of an individual and ensure that none of us should get lesser than that. The individual getting basic and essentials must be ready to contribute equally in reciprocation. If he does not do so, he can be penalized appropriately by the state. If someone earns more than he deserves, the surplus must be confiscated. Everything must be accountable. We can remove all the social problems when we are able to ensure that right is might.

The whole world must be treated as a single unit and all the inhabitants must be granted to equal rights to move everywhere and settle without any prohibition in name of the safeguards of the tradition of a specific culture or caste. After the World War II, there was a good start by organizing UNO but as soon it became the puppet in the hands of veto powered nations, it lost the importance. It must have become a supreme authority to ensure peaceful and happy life by granting uniform rights of life to all on this beautiful earth. If there is no uniformity of rights granted, we can not ensure peace.

Be Happy – Ensure Equitable Distribution of the Resources amongst All

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