Simplify Your Life

Life is like a roller coaster having a number of ups and downs mostly without any prior information. We plan for something but sometime, results come beyond our imagination and calculations. Very rarely we see someone carrying his/her life smoothly. I understand that for majority of us, life may not be hassle-free but we can simplify it. If someone believes that working long hours and maintaining busy lifestyles are exciting and enriching, he knows that it can lead to a feeling of constant stress also.

Now-a-days, it has become a sort of fashion that for fitness, people take up complex exercises. If they undertake yoga or simple walk regularly, a number of their problems may stand solved. Even in terms of diet, instead of hard discipline, they can serve the purpose by taking high fibre food, regular meals and cutting back junk food. There are many ways to simplify your life. They are very simple.


Many times, we do not focus on the small problems. In course of time, they escalate and become a bigger one. We must try to focus what is beginning to go wrong. Don’t let it proceed further. We may make a list of such issues to be attended soon and the goals to be achieved ultimately. After making the list and keeping it updated, we must be aggressive to implement our intentions to work really well.

Clearing Clutter

We should not hoard things. If we keep only those things which are relevant and required really, we can get ourselves well organized. The useful articles would be with us to find quickly when we actually need. We must throw away the articles not required.

Automating What We Can

With the new inventions and technologies, many petty jobs can be accomplished without any manual interference. We must keep our look on such advancements and try to absorb them as soon as they become feasible for us to afford and learn their operation. Making little changes in our daily routine life by setting up automatic timers to watering our plants or turning off the lights when not required, signing up automatic bill pay options or getting off junk mails are some of such efforts which can make our life simpler. You must use the technologies appropriately but without making yourself wholly dependent upon. Try other options also. Imagine our forefathers had enjoyable life when there were no mobile phones, no tech gadgets, no fast conveyances, no communication methods and internet.

Learning to say NO

Very frequently, we agree to requests from others because we like not to disappoint them. But all the time, this policy does not work sound. You have got some jobs important for you and your family. You need to care for yourself and your family. If you continue to do pleasing everyone coming to you, you won’t find time to accomplish your jobs and expectations of those who are very much close to you and you owe some duties to them – if you devote your time to others, you won’t be able to please your owns. You must learn to say NO to such requests which may encroach over your personal time which you require for your hobbies, exercise and other stress relieving activities. You must consider yourself which is right for you – none other than you is able to decide it and kindly do not let them prevail upon you. Choose your real well wishers and make your priorities. Try to save your emotional life but your emotions should not be permitted to black mail you. You must come to real world immediately and try to examine if you are not too emotional with some issue.

There are many other methods to simplify – you can choose and implement as per your individual circumstances.

Be Happy – Simplify your Life.