Enjoy Your Present

Enjoy the present moment… it’s a gift… one that is very special and precious. Each moment in time is unique – and will never happen again. Most of us may yearn for a time when we felt happy and alive. Perhaps you look back at fond memories and wish they could happen again. But they won’t.
Instead you can create new memories, which will fill your heart with the same kind of joy, only you can do that right now – in the present moment when you realize just how special each moment really is. Maybe you look back at the past, hoping you could change some events so that things would be better now… but you can’t.

However, you can create the life you want now, by living in the present moment. You are here now; exactly where you need to be… it’s the perfect place to begin creating the life you want now… don’t let these precious moments slip away. To do that you have to live in the present moment, are you living in the present moment?

I mean are you really here, focused on each and every moment, appreciating these moments, knowing that they will never happen again? You’re probably like most people, just trying to get through the day, not really paying attention to every moment or appreciating them. You can’t appreciate each and every single moment, but how many moments do you recognize as being special?

Each day brings many, many special moments, and there is tremendous power in appreciating these moments. To do that, you may have to be here now. Unfortunately most people are thinking about the past or worrying about the future. When you’re thinking about the past or the future – you’re not here – you’re not living in the now. You’re not here now and you’re not drawing from the power of each present and special moment.

If you want to achieve success, happiness and live the life you want – start living in the now; be here now by experiencing the present moment for the gift that it is.

To enjoy the present, you need to be here now.

Very few of us utilize the power of the present moment. The only thing that truly exists is what is happening right now. The past does not exist; it’s over with and should be nothing but a fading memory. The future does not exist; it simply hasn’t happened yet. From this present moment you can draw tremendous power; the kind of power that can change your life and allow you to enjoy greater success and happiness.

You may not like the present moment but that’s only because you’re thinking about what you feel the present should be. You’re comparing the present moment to something else and not appreciating what is happening right now. Today, you must be thinking that you don’t have a job and the bank is about to foreclose. Plus your spouse just left you and you are stuck with 3 kids. Your present is not exactly pleasant. If your present or current situation is not pleasant then you’re comparing it to something else. You’re probably thinking about what the now should be instead of dealing with what is going on.

If you don’t have a job then it’s time to look for one. Don’t focus on the fact that you don’t have a job, and don’t focus on how difficult it may seem to get a job. Instead, simply concentrate on going out and getting a job. You live in the present moment so do what has to be done now and don’t worry about the way things should be.

At the end of the day see where you are and focus on what needs to be done next. You need to deal with your present situation and do everything you can to improve your life.

When you begin working on the present moment with the intent of improving your life you begin to utilize the power of now you leave the past in the past, you don’t concentrate on the future and instead you start living in the present moment doing everything that you can to improve your life now.

This sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind forcing it to attract the people, and situations that will make your life more better.

How You Can Live In The Now

If you feel that things are not going well then ask yourself these next questions:

Do you find yourself waiting for something to happen? Are you waiting to get some more time? Make more money? Meet the right person? Are you waiting for the right opportunity? Waiting is another game the mind plays because it doesn’t want to live in the present moment.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you’re not living in the present moment you are focusing on anything but the present moment. Perhaps you are not able to focus on the present moment or live in the now 24 hours a day. So the next time you are driving or walking pay attention only to what is happening around you. Listen to the sounds, observe the people. Don’t think about what you have to do or what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow or what might happen in five minutes.

Focus your attention only on what is happening right now. Doing this will get your mind to start living in the present moment and before you know it you’ll be able to focus your mind and utilize the power of now. Start utilizing the power of now – you’ll be more focused and you’ll enjoy the present moment. Best of all you’ll start moving toward achieving your goals and living the life you want.

Have Some Fun!

Remember to have some fun. To enjoy life, you need to do things differently. Act like a kid when you can; kids are always living in the present. That’s all they know. Forget about your troubles and just do something completely different and have some fun.

Once you start doing this you’ll see things begin to fall into place. If you have a passion for sports then start playing a sport you like. If you have a passion for cooking make a meal or two over the next couple of days. Do what you enjoy and you’ll start attracting more positive situations into you life.

Here is one of my favorite quotes that I thought you might like to ponder: “Don’t hurry, don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers.” – Walter Hagen. When it comes to attracting abundance, a big problem arises when you get stressed or approach it too seriously. The true essence of abundance is completely opposite “negativity” in all its forms – which would include stress, pessimism, doubt, frustration, anger, and the like. Getting stressed or being too serious about attracting abundance only keeps pushing it away because the frequencies are so different. On the other hand, when you take Walter Hagen’s advice and stop to smell the flowers – abundance flows easily and naturally.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get abundance flowing to you is through daily meditation. Scientific studies have proven that regular meditation provides many physical and emotional health benefits, and one of them is helping you to feel more relaxed and happy. Feeling relaxed and happy is perfectly in alignment with the essence of abundance, so you begin drawing more of it into your life when you treat yourself to be in present only, forgetting the past for the time being and with a target of future.

Be Happy – Enjoy Your Present.