Give Up Your Disappointment

You are more successful than you think… you just don’t realize it. Most people don’t realize just how successful they are. And it’s only because they choose to focus on their failures. But if you focus on success, you’ll attract more success. Why? Because when you focus on success you create a success energy. You give off this energy that says: “I’m successful” and successful people are drawn to that energy. So they’ll be drawn to you and will in turn help you be more successful. You’ll end up attracting more success.

Focus on the failures and you’ll attract more failures and more of what you don’t want. Professional baseball players are a great example of how focusing on success leads to greater success. They’ve got their mind and subconscious mind fixated on success… so they send out success energy… people pick up on their success energy and forget about all the failures. Instead, they only see the success… and so they get paid millions and millions, even though their bosses and everyone else knows they will fail more often than they succeed.

Their formula is simple… so simple that you can follow it and have the same success. Every time a baseball player goes to the plate (to hit the ball) he will miss more often than he will succeed. But they don’t focus on the failures, their bosses don’t focus on their failures, and the fans (who love them so much) don’t focus on their failures. They focus on their success.

You see baseball players are measured by the number of times they hit a ball. Their batting average (the number of times they hit the ball in relation to the number times they go to bat) often determines their salary (though there could be other factors). A really good baseball player will hit the ball only 30% of the time and make tens of millions of dollars a year. The fact that he will actually miss 70% of the time is completely ignored. An average baseball player will hit 25% of the time, miss 75% of the time and still make millions a year. Again, no one focuses on the number of times he misses. Professional Athletes are not focused on failure. They’re focused on success.

For years one of friends was a Sports Reporter and covered all the major sports. He talked to hundreds of athletes all over the world. The one thing he noticed is that they all focused on their success and learned from their mistakes. Are you focused on the failures or are you focused on your success? Do you think about how you didn’t succeed and what went wrong?

Are you learning from your mistakes and failures or are you giving up just because things didn’t work out? What you regularly think about is what you will attract. Think about the failures in life and you’ll keep failing. Think about the success and you’ll attract more success.

In my own life I’ve failed more often than I have succeeded – I know that. But if you ask me how many times – I can’t tell you an exact number. If you ask me what was a recent failure – I’d have to think long and hard about it.

That’s only because I don’t regularly think about the failures. I choose to focus on the success and learn from the failures and mistakes and move on. If baseball players and professional athletes focused on their they would never succeed. They’ve conditioned their mind and subconscious mind to focus on success and attract more success.

Now you can do the same. You can be successful. You can put aside the failures. You can attract what you want in life. You can re-program your mind direct your subconscious mind to create the success you want – start today. You will be happy again. You should give up your disappointment first.

Be Happy – Give Up Your Disappointment.