Face Lift Surgery – How Much Does a 3D Face Lift cost?

How Much Does a 3D Face Lift cost? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a facelift is around $8000. However, this cost does not include additional costs such as anesthesia, hospital/clinic room facilities, and other such expenses. But to get a good estimate, your facelift will cost around $10,000.

To determine the accurate fee, you will need to consult your plastic surgeon. You should also know that the majority of the health insurance plans do not provide coverage for facelift surgery, but your plastic surgeon might offer some financing plan. Let us look at the factors that affect the cost of a facelift procedure.

What does the facelift cost cover?

Facelift costs typically include:

  • Your plastic surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital bills
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Tests were done at the hospital

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon near you for your facelift surgery, remember that your comfort with the surgeon and your skills and experience are important factors to consider when choosing your plastic surgeon. Dr Darren Mckeown is one of the best plastic surgeons in town and makes sure his clients are satisfied with the results and have a great experience and journey.

Factors affecting the cost of a facelift

Let us take a deeper look into what factors affect the cost of a facelift. It is important to remember that these are only estimates which may vary, which is why you must consult your plastic surgeon for an accurate figure.

  1. Surgical Vs. Non-surgical
    Non-surgical facelift procedures cost lesser than surgical procedures because they do not involve the administration of anesthesia and require lesser facilities.
  2. Plastic surgeon
    A board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience will charge a greater amount of money than a plastic surgeon new to the field. The consultation and procedure fees will be higher.
  3. Anesthesia
    The administration of anesthesia drastically increases the total fees. An anesthesiologist takes his share of the fees, which is why an experienced and trained anesthesiologist will demand a greater fee. Also, the type of anesthesia matters as well because general anesthesia requires more expertise than local anesthesia.
  4. Location
    Location plays a very important role in the total cost of a facelift. If you go to a clinic near the west and east coasts, the cosmetic procedure will be more expensive.
  5. Recovery
    The recovery procedure after a facelift depends on many factors, including the type of procedure used. The recovery costs include the cost of recovery garments, follow-ups, and the time taken off from your job.

There are many facelift procedures, and the best procedure for a patient is determined by the patient’s personal preferences, needs, and requirements. Consult your plastic surgeon to brief the different types of procedures available and which one will be best for you.


After facelift surgery, you will see bruising and swelling, which will eventually disappear in a few days. The money and pain are worth the change you will experience. So if you have around $10,000 in your wallet, you should go for it.

However, make sure you select the right plastic surgeon. Do not rush your decision. Search the market and do your homework before deciding which surgeon you want to go with.







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How Much Does a 3D Face Lift cost?

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