Facial features that significantly affect first impression

Facial features that significantly affect first impression : We are victims of the subconscious bias of a few seconds of scrutinizing judgment of our physical appearance upon meeting with strangers. As vain as that sounds and as much as we are displeased with the notion of first impressions, unfortunately, that is the natural flow of events. Whether, they are always correct or not, there is no denying the significance by which first impressions can alter your life.

To make the best first impressions to win your crush over or to earn the career position of your dreams, here are the features you need to focus on.

Because according to science, it’s a select few features that can make judgments either on your favor or against it.

  1. Eyebrows

    Who would have thought we’d grow up to value eyebrows so much? And no, eyebrow obsession is not exclusive to our generation. Every era is popular for a distinct shape, and in modern times thick and bushy is the new black. Apparently,  bald eyebrows, according to science, give women that extra boost of attractiveness. Since eyebrows are one of the prominent features, you have to do the diligence to work them up to standards.

    In this case, tweezers aren’t your friends. Some of the popular and effective eyebrow enhancing treatments include eyebrow transplant and micro-blading. The former is a micro surgery that extracts follicular units from areas similar in texture to your eyebrows and transplants them individually to achieve your aesthetic.

    The results of an eyebrow transplant are scar-free, permanent, and natural. A major perk to the procedure is the flexibility it provides patients to reshape their eyebrows later on using standard techniques.

    Micro-blading, on the other hand, is a semipermanent tattoo that is drawn in hair-like brushes.

  2. Lips

    Lips contribute immensely to building an image of yourself in the minds of others. Plump lips are considered neonatal features, in other words, they are subconsciously perceived in a positive manner adding to your glam. While Kylie-lip kits may not work, lips fillers are what you should seek instead. Lip fillers can be either permanent or temporary, the safest approach is to opt for temporary lips fillers incase the results aren’t up to snuff.

  3. Teeth

    Your teeth are an open book that speak the details of your hygiene. Therefore, you have to always be prepared to charm with your pearly white teeth to go up the career ladder swiftly. As vain as it may sound, better looking people and a bright set of teeth tend to make you more successful.

    A whitening session at the dentist barely peaks an hour and has significant consequences on your  identity and image.



While forming ideas of strangers based on appearance alone does not necessarily seem like a trait the human race should be proud of, there is nothing we can do. First impressions are an evolutionary advantage and is a subconscious process that occurs in seconds. However, what is in your hands is enhancing the influential features such as your eyebrow, lips, and teeth. To learn more about teeth whitening, eyebrow transplant, or lip fillers, check out this website https://www.veraclinic.net/en/






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Facial features that significantly affect first impression

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