Lip Injections: Big Results with Little Commitment

Lip Injections: Big Results with Little Commitment
Lip Injections: Big Results with Little Commitment

Lip injections is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that has been practiced successfully for more than fifty years in medical and surgical facilities. With this long history, lip augmentation has had time to evolve, be perfected and, most importantly, been proven safe. When considering any cosmetic procedure, patients typically question two things: is it safe and what will my results be?

With lip injections, when performed by knowledgeable and experienced cosmetic injectors like the team at Canada MedLaser, there is minimal risk of pain or side effects. Because lip augmentation with injectable filler is considered to be extremely low risk, this treatment is widely accessible and can help create dramatic effects without recovery time or unsightly scars or bruising. Here we discuss other reasons lip injections can benefit patients looking for a temporary solution that provides great results.

Why Lip Augmentations are the Perfect Temporary Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedure

Lip injections is the ideal non-invasive cosmetic procedure for women who want to plump their lips or smooth out lip lines. The results will last several months, but they are not permanent- making them a good choice for anyone who is unsure about keeping the look. Other reasons to consider lip augmentation include:

Reversible: While precautions are taken before lip injections are administered to ensure you get the optimal level of fullness and the results you want, if they are not to your liking, the process can be immediately reversed. Hyaluronic acid, the material used in most lip injections, is designed to be metabolized naturally by the body, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can be injected to make this metabolization immediate and safe.

Long-Lasting: While not permanent, lip injections do last for several months and do not leave scars, sagging lips, or any other issues behind. This makes them ideal for when you would like a change to your appearance that does not involve high risk but has longer results than makeup or other much more temporary fixes.

Cost: Depending on several factors, lip injections can cost several hundred up to a few thousand dollars but, again, the results will last for months or even up to a year. Compared to other cosmetic solutions, lip injections offer a more cost-effective option that provides dramatic results without excessive expense.

Customizable: When you receive your consultation for lip augmentation, your certified technician will present different options for how full your lips will be and how the injections will be positioned in your lips. This can help to even out lips, reduce scarring, and fix other problems besides just lip thinness.

Subtlety: Unlike many other procedures, lip injections can be quite subtle. While they will give you more lush and youthful lips, this often reads as an overall improvement of your appearance. Because lip injections can make you more fresh and vibrant!


Are Lip Injections for You?

Because of their reversible nature and limited risk of side effects, lip injections are one of the simplest ways to get the appearance you want without major downtime – making them a great option for many. If you are unsure about lip injections, a qualified Canada MedLaser technician is available to answer all of your questions.




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