Fall Is the Perfect Season for Running

Fall Is the Perfect Season for Running
Fall Is the Perfect Season for Running

The change of scenery and the cool temperatures are among the major reasons why fall is the perfect season for running! You don’t have to worry about the humidity or heat and can enjoy crisp weather and falling leaves. And as a result, running is more enjoyable. Take a look at some great reasons why fall is the perfect season for running!

1. Cool air

The cool air of the fall season makes it easier for you to run and you’ll feel less exhausted. Usually the fall season brings 40-60 degree temperatures, but it depends upon where you live. Anyway, fall is a perfect season for running!

2. Perfect temperatures

The heat and humidity make running extremely difficult during the summer months. Fall is the perfect season for running because it boasts the perfect temperatures. Plus, fall runs are wonderful because you can wear layers of clothing and then find yourself layered down only to a tank and shorts.

3. More energy

Sure, without the heat and humidity you will feel much more energy on your run. It’s a great way to use this energy to have a great run! You can even go for mini sprints and become even more efficient runner!

4. The change of scenery

Depending upon where you live, the leaves begin to change colors in late September and by mid-to-late October, so you can enjoy the peak of foliage. And as the colorful leaves fall to the ground you will hear the crunch of the leaves under your feet and smell fall in the air! Enjoy a fun run and the breathtaking fall season!

5. Holiday motivation

It’s one of my favorite reasons! As the holidays approach, you may yearn to wear that new dress on Christmas or bring in the New Year fifteen pounds lighter. Use the fall season as a time to run hard and lose weight!

6. Run stronger and longer

Every year I register for a fall marathon because it’s much cooler and easier to run 26.2 miles in this season. One of the most obvious reasons why fall is the perfect season for running is that you will run stronger and longer and you will feel great in the fall!

7. More free time

If you are a mom, fall might be the perfect season for running. Sure, it all depends upon your kid’s age and activity level. If you have some free time after you put your kid on a school bus, why not run a few miles? Or, you can run while you wait to pick up your child from the after school bus. Make the most of each minute! If the bus is fifteen minutes late, run up and down the street to get a great workout in and reduce stress.

There are many reasons why fall is the perfect season for running, so get outside for an amazing run and enjoy the scenery and weather! Happy running! If you have any other reasons, feel free to share!



Fall Is the Perfect Season for Running