FAMARA – Starting a Fitness Business

FAMARA - Starting a Fitness Business
FAMARA - Starting a Fitness Business

FAMARA – Starting a Fitness Business : Elizabeth Harwood didn’t build a successful fitness brand by mistake. Her activewear and clothing brand FAMARA is the result of a set of marketing principles and core beliefs she has adhered to ever since the brand’s inception in 2016. That means FAMARA stays true to its roots and continues to delight customers with a range of beautiful, high-performing fitness wear.

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“FAMARA was born out of the desire to create beautiful yet functional clothing for adventurous women; adhering to three key statements that I believe to be true. Firstly, that fashion in fitness is more important to women than it is to men, secondly that women want to look good when they are working out, and finally that women like to look different when they exercise.

It was a natural step to bring my passion for art into the clothing, turning a stack of canvases into the unique prints which set us apart from other brands. We’re named after the sublime Famara Beach in Lanzarote, home to all end of ideas to keep fit – kite surfing, swimming, running, yoga and surfing – where vast stretches of fine golden sand tempt you to adventures beyond! So, with a name and a concept for the products, I needed to create a profitable business. Here are my 5 key steps that have driven my success and helped build a much-loved brand!



Firstly, I considered our position in a saturated market – what made us different? I believed that there was an opportunity for “limited edition” prints on fitness clothing, just like there is in art. So, I knew I could succeed with my core product offering of limited-edition art designed leggings.


I studied the fitness market hard so that we really knew our numbers. As a marketer, I understood how and where to interrogate data that would lead me to the best audience for FAMARA products. I examined emerging trends, key data about where the fitness market was and knew how and where we would fit in.


Premium quality performance fabric was a must – cheaper poly blends work as a fashion statement, but they aren’t durable. We spent 18 months testing and before they were launched, our leggings had travelled Europe, hiked up the Dolomites and endured many a fitness session! I know with utter confidence that FAMARA leggings perform. A comfortable high waist keeps the contour of the body no matter what you do, they don’t ‘white out’ when the fabric is stretched and there are no bobbles and baggy knees.


Our ‘limited edition’ approach means that we have created an audience of FAMARA advocates who are waiting in anticipation for new leggings to be launched. We also encourage our advocates to promote our limited pieces to their networks, and we offer them a commission from doing so. We want to spread the love! Take a look at our social media channels – they show real women wearing the leggings, and the joy of our FAMARA pants is that they fit and flatter everyone!


I make sure I keep abreast of what my competitors are doing and how they got there. It’s so interesting to see the different approaches! It makes me determined to stick to my core beliefs. I don’t get caught in the discount wars, I rise above and always add quality rather than reduce price.”

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FAMARA – Starting a Fitness Business

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