Fat Burning with Light Therapy

Fat Burning with Light Therapy : Red light therapy is a non-invasive and natural form of therapy. There are numerous health benefits of light therapy. Among them, fat burning is one of them.

A lot of research has proven the relationship between red light therapy and fat burning. So, if anyone is having trouble losing weight, red light therapy can be an excellent way to get you up to speed.

In this article, we will discuss this issue further.

Factors that contribute to weight gain

A person can gain weight for various reasons. Obesity is one of the primary reasons a person can get unwanted body weight. Here the person consumes more calories than they burn. As a result, additional calories are stored in the body as fats and contribute to weight gain.

Another reason for gaining weight is associated with not having enough sleep. When a person doesn’t get enough sleep, the body experiences certain biochemical changes. These changes result in keeping you hungrier and make you less full after meals.

Stress hormones can increase your appetite. Most people tend to eat foods with high calories and processed sugar during stress. It makes them gain weight faster.

Other than that, genetics, prescription medication, insulin factors in weight gain. Antidepressants and anti-pregnancy pills also make one gain fat. It is often seen that women, after menopause, gain weight rapidly.

In a nutshell, various factors can make one gain weight. For reducing weight, one needs to identify the reasons for gaining weight and address them accordingly.

Overview of Red Light Therapy

In red light therapy, your body is exposed to specific wavelengths of red light. Usually, for visible red light therapy, 630-640 nm wavelength of light is used. For elevated treatment, near-infrared red light therapy can come in very handy. Here 700- 900 nm light wavelength is used.

LED bulbs are used to emit these specific light wavelengths. These wavelengths are best for your health and go deeper into your body. Also, this therapy doesn’t contain any harmful ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is safer to administer red light and NIR therapy.

When red light and near-infrared light wavelength fall upon body cells, the mitochondria absorb energy. Therefore, the body’s metabolism increases, and circadian rhythm is restored.

Other than that, red light therapy improves circulation in the body and allows nutrition and antioxidants to reach throughout the body. As a result, anyone using red light therapy gives the user a wide range of health benefits.

How Does Red Light Therapy Help in Reducing Weight?

As red light therapy rejuvenates and re-energizes body cells, it can break down fat particles. As a result, the body can reduce extra fat and make your body more toned.

Additionally, red light therapy helps in producing melatonin in the body. It allows the user to fall asleep. Good sleep can reduce stress and depression. Thus, one will feel less hungry and can control their eating habits.

Exercising greatly helps in reducing weight. However, you can experience fatigue and muscle strains during working out. With red light therapy, these accidents can be managed.

Red light therapy energizes the body cells for rapid healing. Therefore, muscle strains, joint pain due to exercising become manageable. Near-infrared light warms up your body for quick pain relief. Therefore, including red light therapy in pre-exercise and post-exercise routines will give you a better exercise experience.

Other than the abovementioned benefits, red light therapy helps produce elastin and collagen protein in the body. These proteins help reduce stretch marks due to weight loss.

In a nutshell, red light and NIR therapy effectively help in reducing weight and removing stretch marks due to weight loss.

Possible Side Effects of Red Light Therapy

Red light and near-infrared light therapy are completely natural. So, there are little to nothing side effects of this therapy.

However, if you have overly light-sensitive skin, you may experience temporary irritation and redness on your skin. You can also experience light sensitivity due to a side effect of certain prescription medications. So, consult your doctor before getting red light therapy.

As bright light (approximately 10,000 lumens) is used in red light therapy, it can affect your eyesight. So, using protective eyewear is highly recommended while using this therapy.

Bipolar disorder patients can develop manic episodes in some cases while receiving red light therapy. Therefore, consulting doctors and taking precautions before getting this therapy is a must.


Red light therapy is completely painless and natural. Along with a range of health benefits, it effectively helps you lose extra body weight. Also, you can get a boost in your exercise routine with this therapy.

NIR and red light therapy will help you quickly lose weight without painful surgical weight loss procedures. Your metabolism will get a significant boost and keep your overall health in the best shape.

If you are tired of numerous hectic weight loss procedures, give red light therapy a chance.





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Fat Burning with Light Therapy

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