Fitness Exercises At Home

Fitness Exercises At Home
Fitness Exercises At Home

Fitness Exercises At Home : When it comes to working out strength training at home, there is much more freedom than you might think. In this article, we will talk about fitness exercises you can do at home.

Bodyweight Training Rules!

Working out at home usually means having less space and having to use alternative bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight workouts allow you to do total body routines, just with your own weight, most of which you can do without any equipment.

Exercises like pushups, squats, pullups, lunges, floor raises, inverted shoulder press and inverted rows are a great way to hit every muscle in your body. But in the next section we will cover them in more detail. You can also check these 5 Best Exercises to Do at Home to Lose Weight Fast without Equipment.

Hit All Body’s Movement Patterns

To hit all muscle groups, it is important to think about how our body moves, and to use exercises that cover as many of those movement patterns as possible:

Horizontal push

Pushup variations are excellent horizontal pushes. They will hit your chest, triceps, shoulders, and even upper back to some extent. Try changing the incline by raising your legs, which will make the exercise harder. Also, try pushup plus, dive bomber pushup, explosive (clapping), or try different hand width, don’t only go shoulder-width apart.

Dips are another excellent option for horizontal pushes. If you don’t have a dip station, use two chairs.

Horizontal pull

Horizontal pulls are much easier to do with weights, but inverted rows are a great bodyweight alternative. You can do them on any type of bar. The more you raise your legs, the harder it gets.

Vertical push

To do a bodyweight vertical push, your options are either inverted shoulder press or handstand press. Both are very difficult (especially handstand), so make sure to be extra careful when performing them, you don’t want to get injured. Start doing the inverted shoulder press in a reversed V pushup position. When you get stronger, you can start raising your feet on a bench/chair.

Vertical pull

The best vertical pull exercise is a pullup/chinup. To do it, you will need a bar or a thick tree branch in your backyard. This exercise is one of the best back builders you can do, and even people who use commercial gyms do them.

Hip hinge

Another pattern that is tough to do without equipment. Traditional hip hinge exercises are deadlifts, so the best alternative you can do with your own weight are single leg deadlifts. Doing them will not only target your glutes and hams but also promote balance. If you want, you can hold a heavy object with your hands. It doesn’t have to be a dumbbell, a water bottle will do.


There are tones of squat variations, so be creative. Try jump squats, sumo, with hands in front of you, hands behind your head, isometric (pause) squats, squat holds.

Rotation – for this, you will need to train your obliques, but also train abs since you are on the floor. Try side and regular planks, hanging leg raises with rotation, windshield wipers, and of course, bicycle and regular crunches.

Use Dumbbells

While bodyweight training is excellent as you can do it anywhere with no equipment, some muscle groups will start lagging if you don’t use external resistance. For example, it is very hard to hit side delts just by using bodyweight exercises. Most isolations are off-limits when you only do bodyweight, and your smaller muscle groups might fall behind those big ones. Therefore, you should use weights, and there is no better place to start than with dumbbells.

Use Dumbbells
Use Dumbbells

A pair of dumbbells is the most versatile piece of equipment as you can use it to hit every single muscle in your body. Dumbbells are also great because they let you train unilaterally, one hand at a time. That creates balance, as your stronger side won’t take over the lift, which can create muscle imbalances.

Last but not least, dumbbells are incredibly affordable. You can find new ones for cheap, but if you want to save even more, just visit local garage sales, and get a used pair. Your muscles don’t know the difference between old and new. They only care about the weight lifted.

Just one thing—when buying dumbbells, try to get adjustable ones that use standard plates. That way, you will use them for longer, adding more plates as your strength grows. Also, you can use those plates later for your barbell, if you ever decide to get one.


Building a great body at home is not impossible. Combine bodyweight training with dumbbell training, and you will have a great home workout. And don’t be afraid to workout every day, especially bodyweight. This type of exercising taxes your CNS far less than externally loaded, which is why you will be able to tolerate more frequency and volume.






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Fitness Exercises At Home

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