Five Reasons To Add CBD Bath Bombs To Your Next Bath

Five Reasons To Add CBD Bath Bombs To Your Next Bath : To ensure that your body functions optimally, you need to relax and ease your mind. The shower or bath is one of the best ways to wash the stress away, paving the way for calmness and relaxation. Plus, who doesn’t love some “me time” in the bathtub, especially after a long stressful day or a vigorous workout!

But how about adding a few aromatic candles, fluffy towels and extra-relaxing CBD bath bombs to make your ritual even more pleasant? CBD bath bombs not only add fizz and fragrance to your bathtub but also offer some benefits for your general wellbeing and skin condition. Here are five reasons why you should add a CBD bath bomb to your next bath.

What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

Typically, bath bombs are hard-packed combinations of baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid, herbs, essential oils and a dash of colouring that work directly on the skin. Infuse these mixtures with CBD oil, and you have got a bath bomb that takes relaxation and the advantages for your body and mind to a whole new level.

By mixing two buzz-worthy items aimed to wash away your worries, CBD bath bombs capitalise on both the popularity of bath bombs and cannabidiol (CBD).

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

Our complex endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for regulating several bodily functions, such as mood, appetite, pain-sensation and even memory. Cannabinoids like CBD help to induce relaxation, relieve stress and aches by interacting with different receptors of ECS to prompt action.

When you hit a warm bath, the pores of your skin open up, which allows CBD to be easily absorbed on the entire surface of your skin. As a result, the active compounds enter the bloodstream more rapidly than when applied topically and provide beneficial effects faster.

How Long Does It Take To Experience The CBD Bath Bombs Effects?

There are various factors that can affect how quickly a CBD bath bomb works, from your age, body weight and physical health to the size, concentration and potency of a bath bomb.

It is recommended to soak in a bathtub for up to 30 minutes to fully experience the potential benefits of cannabidiol. CBD infused bath bombs can produce their positive effects in a matter of minutes; however, it is best to unwind and take a bath for longer so that your body absorbs all the beneficial ingredients.

Five Benefits Of Using CBD Bath Bombs

  1. Easy-To-Use Product

    CBD bath bombs offer an easy-to-use and hassle-free format, which can be the perfect way to experience the beneficial effects of CBD oil without having to consume oil drops or apply a cream to get it into your system.

    The bath bombs typically come in spherical or block shapes with a vast amount of scents and colours. Such products are designed to be placed in the bathtub, where they fizzle and slowly dissolve while releasing a relaxing scent and useful essential oils and changing the colour of the bathwater.

    In addition to the simple type of product, CBD bath bombs are also fun to use and can easily be added to your daily routine. Once you’ve thrown the product into the bathtub, you just need to sit back, unwind and enjoy your bath time!

  2. Soothing Ritual

    While taking a long soak is a pleasant experience itself, with a few things, you can easily create a spa-like environment and indulge in total relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Dim lights, optimal water temperature, lighted candles, calming background music and a beneficial product like VAAY CBD bath bomb – all of this can all help turn your bath time into a soothing ritual. Together with the warm water, an extra relaxing bomb from VAAY, surrounding nice aromas and a relaxing environment, your body will feel about the same as in a luxury spa, as you can get an ideal bath soak, but at a lower cost and with no need to leave your home.

  3. Aromatherapy

    Just like any other bath bomb, a bomb with CBD oil provides you with an aromatherapy session during your soak in a bathtub. Thanks to the heat generated by your hot bath, humidity acts as a medium through which essential oils, CBD oil and other beneficial components can enter the body directly and work as aromatherapy agents.

    For example, citrus and peppermint scents can improve your mood and help you feel more energised; eucalyptus can help clear your nasal passages in case of colds or allergies while soothing scents like lavender and rose reduce stress, make you feel more relaxed and induce sleep.

  4. Whole-Body Benefits

    Topped by a colourful blast of aromatic fizziness, CBD bath bombs offer you an effective, all-in-one solution that provides the ultimate relaxation, relief from physical tension, mood and sleep improvement – all the same potential benefits of CBD oil taken another route.

    Furthermore, since CBD oil is absorbed through the open pores as a result of the high temperature of the bathwater, it penetrates the skin throughout the body rather than through a small skin area. Therefore, using CBD bath bombs can bring an all-around body-pampering experience, which provides relief not only in a particular body part but also help to reduce tension and soreness throughout the entire body.

  5. Skin Benefits

    As our skin is the largest organ in the body and the first line of defence, it comes into contact with harmful free radicals and pathogens. A bath bomb infused with beneficial CBD oil can help nourish the skin, leaving it glowing and soft. CBD also possesses potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, moisturising and anti-ageing properties, making the skin more elastic, tighter and youthful.


What’s more, CBD oil can also help fight irritation, itching and redness in psoriasis, eczema and acne-prone skin. Research also suggests that cannabidiol might regulate sebum production, thereby maintaining the moisture in the skin and managing acne breakouts.






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Five Reasons To Add CBD Bath Bombs To Your Next Bath

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