Five Tips for a Planning a Moms Baby Shower

Five Tips for a Planning a Moms Baby Shower
Five Tips for a Planning a Moms Baby Shower

Five Tips for a Planning a Moms Baby Shower : There are many mainstream ideas for baby showers available today. But if you describe yourself as a crunchy mom then you are probably looking for a different approach. Crunchy moms do not settle for a single perspective and often question the established norms in society.

We meticulously look, inspect, and assess a service or a product, and give it a nod only once we’ve guaranteed that it falls in line with our principles. Being a crunchy mom is all about making conscious and informed decisions that support a sustainable environment, healthy living and a natural quality of life for our family.

Organizing a baby shower is a big thing for us, because it is an opportunity for us to celebrate motherhood and our precious baby. To help you out with this important occasion, I have put together some tips and ideas to hold a crunchy mom’s baby shower.

Planting Invitations

As a crunchy mom, you are fond of eco-friendly style in everything. The idea of throwing a party that results in a mound of trash is a big no no for you. To make sure your party is environment-friendly, start at the invitations. Party invitations are useful for about five minutes of reading the details of the party. After that, it goes to the trash can and straight to the landfill. Instead of using the traditional kind of card, opt to buy the ones with seed embedded paper. Not only will your invitation be used for planting afterwards, but you also get the chance to convey your environmental attitude to your guests. In addition, utilize the internet and send e-invites instead.

Zero-Waste Disposables

Disposable tableware in a party is the biggest contributor to environmental waste of any event. An estimated 1.1 million tons of these polystyrene resin-based product end up in waste management facilities with no significant recycling impact. Refrain from using tableware that can only be used once, and instead buy compostable tableware that is made out of biodegradable materials.

When dealing with waste, there are many people who believe to simply leave it for someone else to deal with. Renting out a dumpster from RedBoxPlus is an option to get rid of the garbage. It’s important to remember that there are many different types of garbage, and you should know what the best solution is for your needs.

Green Decorations

Decorations are fun, and set the tone of the party. But if it only turns to waste afterwards then we need to draw a line. Consider using cut outs instead of buying balloons that can plug sewage systems and are deadly to marine life. You can also use creativity by making a bunting out of baby clothes.

Healthy Food

Food is what keeps the party going, but for crunchy moms, not just any food will suffice; we need healthy, organic food. Serve your guests with healthy diets like fruits and non-GMO products. If you are going to bake cookies or cupcakes, use alternative sweeteners like honey instead of plain refined sugar. Avoid using artificial food colorings. If you like to use cake as a centerpiece for your table, but want to refrain from serving high sugar food, you can order a customized, beautiful diaper cake instead. It can serve its purpose as a party centerpiece and later on as a baby essential.

Also, if you are going to buy food products, choose foods that  biodegrade quickly, with no packaging, to minimize waste.

Challenges and Activities

Encourage your guests to use recyclable packaging materials for wrapping their gifts. Or bring gifts with no wrapping at all. Make a wish list to clearly convey your green stance and include things like used children books, toys and/or clothes.

As for giveaways, you can provide your guests with packets of seeds as parting gifts, or a goody bag filled with kid’s crafts material. For activities, you can tour biking trail, color planting pots or plant a garden.


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Five Tips for a Planning a Moms Baby Shower

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