Follow Your Instincts Judiciously

There is a proverb, “Troubles warn you in advance. It is you to identify their warning and prepare yourself”. Many times, we come to know about things that are about to happen to us. Surely, there is something within us to warn of impending danger. They are our instincts. How much do we trust our instincts?
We feel that emotion and intuition can not be separated. All of sudden, a particular date comes over our brain screen. That reminds us of loved ones and also of the emotions we felt towards those people. Definitely we would begin to fall for him or her. Intuition or instincts can be described as factors leading us almost to understand situation immediately. In fact, going with our instincts is a smart move only if we know it’ll be a win-win situation and we can handle the emotional repercussions.
Sometime we feel that whenever there’s something wrong about to happen, our brain sends a signal to us. We get a weird, nagging feeling. We just can’t seem to avoid our instincts. We examine the whole situation again with the new perspective and take action accordingly.
How accurate are emotional intuitions when making a decision? Intuition is best used as the first step in solving a problem or deciding what to do. The more experience you have, the more reliable your intuitions, because they arise out of the richest array of collected patterns of experience. Our instincts are not infallible, and at times it can let us down. We must examine the whole scenario afresh if our instincts warrant different action, since they originate from subconscious part of our brain also.