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Is Eating Dessert Really That Bad?

Mixed news on the dessert front, but there’s a cherry on top If you’re sampling sweets every night—and you aren’t super disciplined during the day—then yes, dessert is thatbad for you. Of course, there are different types of desserts. Dark chocolate, nuts, fruit and mishmashes of those ingredients generally aren’t a problem. Knock yourself out. But we’re talking about the […]

Stop Lying About Having Food Allergies

“I have something to tell you.” That’s usually how I tell people I have food allergies. The same way you’d tell someone you had a wasting disease or an illegitimate child you didn’t know about. I like to start it off slowly and just say I’m allergic to dairy and see how they respond. Are they inching away? If so, […]

Should I Go Paleo Diet?

It’s more than a diet; it’s a way of life. Just ask a Paleo person. The Paleo premise seems tantalizingly sensical: For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings ate and lived in ways that bear little resemblance to our modern modes of existence. It stands to reason that our bodies and minds haven’t had time to adapt, and that […]

Foods to Eat Every Day for Perfect Skin

Are you tired of using different expensive and ineffective beauty products? It’s time to throw away all those ineffective products and start eating foods for perfect skin. I went from terrible acne five months ago to not having acne now. It was hard, but it was possible, and less expensive than turning to pricey products. While some foods can aggravate […]

Steps to Reset Your Diet After a Holiday Binge

First step: start today If, despite every intention of balance and moderation you completely overindulged on Thanksgiving, don’t panic. While a gluttonous holiday may leave you feeling sluggish and heavy, the truth is that a handful of simple strategies can help you undo the damage and get back on track fast. Here are six tried and true steps to help […]

Get Your Diet Back on Track During the Holidays

Life would be so simple if there weren’t so many holidays (and office parties, and potlucks, and gift exchanges, etc.) squeezed into such a short period of time. Of course, it’s not a celebration without loads of booze and copious amounts of dessert, and your fridge practically stocks itself with leftovers. To avoid leftover weight come January, use these tricks […]

Holiday Foods with Insanely High Calorie Counts

Festive foods taste insanely amazing for a reason: They’re fully loaded with your tastebuds’ favorite ingredients: fat and sugar. While precise calorie counts vary widely based on specific family recipes (and exactly how much your grandma force-feeds you), you’d be smart to go easy on these notoriously heavy holiday foods, which can contain nearly a meal’s worth of calories or […]

Best Excuses for Not Drinking Alcohol

Best Excuses for Not Drinking Alcohol : It can be useful to have excuses you can give when you are not drinking. No less important is to be able to refuse from a drink without any explanations, but a person can be so annoying at times and will not leave you alone until you agree for one. Very often our […]

Reasons Tea Is Good for You

Tea or coffee? Consider these health benefits of tea and the next time you have to choose, you may skip the joe. Put down those saucer cups and get chugging — tea is officially awesome for your health. But before loading up on Red Zinger, make sure that your “tea” is actually tea. Real tea is derived from a particular […]

Reasons to Give Up Sugar

Sugar is one of the most addicting things many people become dependent on without realizing it. Although we have all grown up loving sugar, there are many reasons to give up it today. The major reason is definitely your health. Sugar is the key factor to almost all health issues these days. It can suppress your immune system, upset your […]

How to Build Better Salads

Salads often get a pretty bad rap. It’s not that they’re not totally rad, it’s just that in the world of food awesomeness, people think there are, well, better things. Those people clearly haven’t crossed paths with the duo behind Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck. The first cookbook from the masterminds behind the wildly […]